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Actress Elisabeth Moss Joins Scientology’s Elite “Fuck You” Club

After winning an Emmy for her performance in Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale, actress Elisabeth Moss joined Scientology’s exclusive celebrity Fuck You Club — this as seen in the photo above. Very classy Elisabeth. Great PR for the Church of Scientology. We also understood your gesture as a fuck you to those who don’t like the Church of Scientology. Congratulation on winning an Emmy. However, your Emmy doesn’t change any of the facts about the depravity of the Church of Scientology.

The Scientology Fuck You Club was founded by Tom Cruise. Tom teed off during a Rolling Stone interview in 2004. Rolling Stone’s Neil Strauss wrote in his piece The Passion of the Cruise:

Since Scientology, in the popular imagination, is such a loaded word — often associated with heavy-handed recruitment tactics, strong-arm-lawyer assaults and steep membership and course fees — one would think that Cruise wouldn’t be so willing to take a journalist through that world.

“Who are those people that say those things?” Cruise asks when I bring it up over lunch one day. “Because I promise you, it isn’t everybody. But I look at those people and I say, ‘Bring it. I’m a Scientologist, man. What do you want to know?” I don’t mind answering questions.”

He lists some of Scientology’s selling points: its drug-abuse, prison-rehabilitation and education programs. “Some people, well, if they don’t like Scientology, well, then, fuck you.” He rises from the table. “Really.” He points an angry finger at the imaginary enemy. “Fuck you.” His face reddens. “Period.”

Scientology Goodwill Ambassador and OTVIII Kirstie Alley has been a long-standing member of the Scientology Fuck You Club. Kirstie is a master of the “OT Salute” as I like to call it:

Another member of the Scientology Fuck You Club is actor Danny “DJ Donkey Punch” Masterson, a man presently under investigation by the LAPD on allegations of rape. In an interview with Papermag, Masterson unloaded with F bombs like a Scientology B-52 over Wogville. Examples of Masterson’s Scientological eloquence:

Q: So then what would you say is your personal relationship to L. Ron Hubbard?

A: He’s a fucking guy who wrote awesome shit that I love studying… it’s just the study of the mind and cutting it into two parts: the analytical mind and the reactive mind. One is the one that we use and think with, and the other is the one that uses us, and we do things and like, “Why the fuck am I doing that?” or “Why the fuck am I thinking this thing?”

Q: What are the things that you wish you could clear up — the most annoying things that people approach you about?

A: …If people start like asking questions in a way where I feel like they have an ulterior motive, I’m just like, “Dude, just go buy a fucking book and read it and decide for your fucking self what it means. I don’t have time to have this conversation with you.”

Q: Another thing you hear is that Scientology and psychiatry are pitted against each other…

A: Yes. You will not find a Scientologist who does not fucking hate psychiatrists.

Q: Do you foresee a time when conversations like this will be moot and Scientology will be folded into the larger religions of the world as something that just is?

A: I think next week, it begins. [laughs] I mean, to me it already is. I haven’t had a conversation like this about my philosophy — I don’t think ever. But I love doing it and have no problem doing it. I work, I have a family and I’m a spiritual being who likes to understand why things happen in the world and want to learn more so that I can have them not affect me adversely. So if that’s weird, then, well, you can go fuck yourself.

Scientologist Juliette Lewis is a member of Scientology’s “Fuck You” club:

Scientology OT’s Grant and Elena Cardone say “fuck you” to everyone as they smile their 1.1 smiles:

And of course who can forget the bravura performance at LAX by three top Scientology executives when they “confronted” Marty Rathbun? Here are Jenny Linson, Dave Bloomberg, and Mark Yager. Jenny Linson is a trash-talking RTC emissary of David Miscavige:

In its response to the Hollywood Reporter concerning the two private investigators who followed Ron Miscavige Sr., the Church of Scientology called the allegations proveable bullshit. This is not a “fuck you” per se, but it might as well be given its tenor. The “Mr. Miscavige” referred to below is Church leader David Miscavige:

As for the purported emergency incident involving an investigator and the second-hand account of an alleged conversation containing a despicably false quote, Mr. Miscavige’s attorney, Michael Lee Hertzberg, is on record stating that Mr. Miscavige does not know the investigator, has never heard of the investigator, has never met the investigator, has never spoken to the investigator, never hired the investigator and never directed any investigations by him.

So let me be clear: No such conversation with Mr. Miscavige ever took place and any claim that one did is provable bullshit.

Former Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis unloaded the F bomb when he was asked about then-defector Marty Rathbun by the Tampa Bay Times. Fast forward to 4:00 to hear Tommy start to become unhinged and call Marty a “fucking lunatic.”

Over against Scientology’s trademark vulgarity, the Cult is also presently pretending to be persecuted just like Jews in the Holocaust. This is Scientology schizophrenia:

* When Scientology is winning it belligerently sends out “fuck you’s” to people who criticize it.

* When Scientology is being exposed for being a vicious soul-killing predatory cult that breaks up families, uses child labor, and engages in psycho-terrorism against its opponents, it is suddenly the victim of religious persecution. This is when Scientologists suddenly become just like Jews in the Holocaust. This shameless Scientology exploitation of the Holocaust is obscene and must stop.

No Scientologist is better at shamelessly exploiting the Holocaust than Scientologist Bodhi Elfman, a man whose fake piety is belied by the often vulgar podcasts he makes with his wife Jenna Elfman. These unfunny and sometimes pathetic videos give us the WHY for Jenna not having a successful sitcom since Dharma and Greg ended in 2002. Jenna is simply not funny anymore and has become merely strange. Likewise, to see Bodhi groveling for sex is an embarrassment.

Note: This video may be preceded by a Scientology paid ad featuring the disingenuous backstabbing Marty Rathbun, a man Scientology itself calls a “violent psychotic.” Scientology has hate websites posted  on Marty and yet tries to use him as a credible source to impeach Leah Remini’s show and her guest. More Scientology hypocrisy and talking out of both sides of its mouth. See my previous article: Is Marty Rathbun a Psychopath? Which Story is Scientology Sticking With?

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  1. It cracks me up. They are a bunch of delusional crazies, whack jobs, ALL OF THEM. And the world is finally opening its collective eyes to the bull shit these people peddle. They think they are special, chosen by aliens to make this world a better place, are you kidding me?? LMAO. I feel sorry for them, I really do, all of them, so pathetic and sad. I will continue to pray for them to finally see the light, cause you know, they are all going to hell.

  2. Right on Trixi. It amazes me that seemingly intelligent people fall for Scientology’s bull shit. What a bunch of pathetic loners sitting around making themselves feel good while their cult robs them blind. They should be embarrassed. I love the push back being generated by Leah and Mike to expose this criminal cult for what it is and with enough support maybe we can finally shut them down, or at least marginalize them.

  3. I believe Leah and Mike and therefore, I feel heartbroken for the individuals who remain in Scientology. They truly believe in it, and I know what it feels like to truly believe in something. Maybe all the people who left Scientology were driven crazy. It’s so easy for me to see, but I am sure when you are in it, you aren’t able to see a third party’s perception.

  4. Scientology is the expert organization that employs methods and requires behaviors which the traditional psychiatric community (OOPS, sorry) defines as CRAZY-MAKING ! It’s a huge Catch-22 world that is designed for NO EXIT. I’ve signed the petition to the IRS for revoking of 501(c)3 tax exempt status because what galls me most about this whole thing is I’m PAYING for it! Arghhhhh!

  5. I wholeheartedly signed the petition after decades of reading about the horrible abuses that have happened inside this cult, I recommended it on my Facebook page, and I really hope it helps to make the government wake up and do something. I haven’t watched a Tom Cruise movie since “Minority Report”, and while it has become exponentially harder to watch vehicles for actors who promote Scientology without being distracted and disgusted by it (I somehow conveniently missed, or dismissed Laura Prepon’s level of involvement and willingness to lie to the public about Scientology and after watching the clip (included in this past week’s episode of Leah Remini’s show) of her denying that she had ever come across anything homophobic in Scientology when even their most public piece of material, the book “Dianetics”, is blatantly homophobic, I am hoping that she will be written off of “Orange is the New Black” (again), even though I have enjoyed her performance as a lesbian prison inmate.

    I’m having a lot of trouble reconciling Elisabeth Moss’s promotion of the cult, as she is not only a very talented actor, but has been cast in great projects. It’s not fair to viewers, their cast mates, the creators of projects (Jenji Cohen and Piper Kerman for OITNB, Jane Campion for Top of the Lake, amongst many others), but ultimately to all of the people who have suffered so much at the hands of this cult/corporation which very purposefully recruits and caters to celebrities for their influence on the public.

    However, this post kind of bothers me. I guess mainly because it uses a (imo, pretty ridiculous) tactic that the Corporation/Cult uses to try to discredit critics – calling them out for “profanity”. Yes, it is totally hypocritical of CoS to blast Leah Remini for “vulgarity” when their own spokespeople go on public rants laced with profanity, but just about everything they do is hypocritical. I don’t give a fuck about what words people use to express themselves (though there is a big difference between referring to something as “bullshit” or “fucked up” and screaming “fuck you, you piece of shit!” in someone’s face… the latter is usually verbal abuse). I am not a fan of Jenna Elfman, primarily because of her high-level of public promotion of Scientology, but rather than wanting her to fail in life (which she has, in many ways) I want her to do what Leah Remini did and wake up and work to make amends by speaking to victims of the organisation that she has promoted and given so much time and money to in what, as Remini has repeatedly said about herself, is probably a sincere (though totally misguided) attempt to help people, to, as Leah has said over and over, “literally save the planet”. If she, or any other celebrity Sci-lon has benefited from Sea Org slave labor, as Tom Cruise has to massive degrees, than she (like Cruise) needs to make amends, which may include monetary restitution. We don’t need to resort to Fair Game-type practices of trying to destroy people’s reputations – they are doing themselves in quite nicely by continuing to promote CoS in the face of overwhelming evidence of abuse and fraud. To get these influential people out and fighting on the right side against this cult, we shouldn’t be using the same, failing tactics that the cult is wasting their time, energy, and money – and any semblance of credibility as a “church” or positive force in the world – using.

    There is a lot of good information on this site, and the petition is great – thank you! I hope that my opinion here is not taken as a personal attack, it is simply my personal feeling and opinion after reading this. Food for thought, hopefully, for all of us that want to see this organization be held accountable, make amends, and above all, end.

  6. Thank you for your interesting take on matters. One point: I do hold Scientology to a much higher standard because it promotes itself as a religion, the most ethical group on the planet, and LRH himself saddles all Scientologists with creating good PR for Scientology. Therefore, Elisabeth Moss, Jenna and Bodhi, Tom Cruise and every other Scientologist can be held to a higher standard — and this is particularly true given their hypocritical and often hectoring rants on psychiatry and how Scientology is the only path to truth, etc.

    One is expected to walk their talk in religion. I don’t see any Scientology celebs being OT or even remotely Clear. It’s generally all talk, belligerence, and fuck you’s. IMO, the Scn celebrity strata is tawdry and trashy.

    The older celebs such as Chick Corea, Stanley Clark, Anne Archer and Terry Jastrow never make a scene, are never obscene, and yet they are contributing to a “Church” that is vile and contemptible in its overall conduct. How they intellectually and spiritually reconcile their wins and gains to child labor in the Sea Org, forced abortions, the RPF, Disconnection, and the homophobia, transphobia, and the Master Race doctrine of Scientology is their problem and their Karma.

  7. I just finished watching the 3 executives at LAX. What a pathetic display of bullying. I would have yelled loudly to embarrass them. She’s saying no one cares yet continues to harass? You should send lol these videos to the IRS Commissioner. No ‘church’ acts this way that I know of….

  8. I am having a hard time understanding how a church where everyone swears like a pack of sailors! I wish Leah and the others would lower that on the show only to show they are better than the ones still attached but she basically learned it there. Says a lot about that “church”!

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