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Is Marty Rathbun a Psychopath? Which Story is Scientology Sticking With?

Marty-Rathbun-the-shiningOn its new webpage that hosts Marty Rathbun’s videos attacking Leah Remini, the Scientology Cult is trying to keep Marty at arm’s length by spinning these videos as work Marty did on his own. Thus, the Church embraces Rathbun’s videos even as they attack him in the hate pages it still has up on Marty. This is typical Scientology schizophrenia and overreach.

Left: Image from a Scientology attack page on Marty Rathbun.

Scientology cannot have it both ways. Scientology cannot have current hate pages up on Marty Rathbun attacking him as a violent psychopath, a perjurer, and a man who engaged in obstruction of justice while citing him as a credible source to attack Leah Remini, Alex Gibney, Lawrence Wright, Paul Haggis, and so many other brave and good people who have worked to expose the brutal and evil machinations of the Church of Scientology.

Which story are you sticking with Scientology? Is Marty a credible source or he is a violent psychopath, a liar, and a “cult militia leader” as you are presently representing him to be on your own website? If Marty Rathbun is a violent psychopath, if he is a “conjurer of lies” as Scientology itself has written, then why is the Church of Scientology spending 501(c)3 tax exempt dollars to promote Rathbun’s dishonest psychopathic conjuration of lies that attack Leah Remini and her A&E show?


More breathless prose about Marty Rathbun from Scientology:

Marty Rathbun’s descent into the abyss of insanity was by no means a sudden, over-the-edge plunge. Rather, his was a slow and inexorable slide into the depths of irreversible irrationality.

For years Rathbun managed to keep the madness hidden. Even when the verbal tirades metastasized into violence, the outward signs were subtle. For by then his cleverness had grown all but demonic and what he unleashed was kept isolated and behind closed doors.

But by winter of 2004, the year of his desertion from the Church, he could no longer keep his malady veiled. The cunning was gone, the rage unchecked, and so it was that a whole host of co-workers finally bore witness to what Rathbun had become. That was the evening when all of them shockingly saw, and then promptly stopped, his attempt to kill Mike Rinder with his bare hands.

According to the Cult of Scientology, Marty Rathbun long ago descended into the “abyss of insanity” and yet, suddenly, this violent and insane person is now a credible source on Leah Remini? Sorry, but Marty is simply not a reliable source. The Church of Scientology notes that Marty “blew” or escaped twice in his 27 year career. Marty was recovered by the Church after he had escaped in 1993. Rathbun’s record shows him to be a “flip-flopper” who  left the Church and returned. The Book of James, verse 1:8, counsels us as follows:

A double minded man is unstable in all his ways

And so it is of Marty Rathbun. Marty blew the Church for the second time in 2004 and began speaking out against Scientology and its abuses in 2008. Marty participated in high profile exposes of Scientology on television and in film. Marty stopped speaking out in late 2014. His wife shortly thereafter, without explanation, fired her legal team and dropped her lawsuit against Scientology and David Miscavige. Shades of Vickie Aznaran here. Now Rathbun is attacking Leah Remini, Mike Rinder, Amy Scobee, and so many other people who were his friends and helped him. But what can you expect? A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

Even as the Church of Scientology wants to use Rathbun as a credible source, there are dozens of Scientology pages on Marty that characterize him as a monster.  In this next Scientology attack on Rathbun we read that “Rathbun’s eyes glow with a psychotic gleam.”

Long before his stunning fall from grace and expulsion from the Church of Scientology, Marty Rathbun was a practitioner of violence.

It was violence he perpetrated furtively, in secret.

It was the violence of a coward.

And, as cowards do, Rathbun – when confronted by his violence – would tearfully confess.

Punching his victims, throwing them over tables, shaking them, slamming them into walls and filing cabinets and, then, gleefully bragging about his brutish, thuggish behavior, it all spilled out in Marty Rathbun’s own words.

Later, after he walked away from the Church for the third and last time, it became apparent that Rathbun would never see the folly of his own aberrant ways.

It was impossible – for that self-absorbed aggression so embraced by Rathbun had morphed into the destructive actions of a violent psychopath.

And, no matter how he disguised it, whether as the “good old boy” of South Texas, the self-proclaimed counseling Guru of the Gulf, or, even as a militia leader, Rathbun’s actions would soon conform to a highly-flammable mix of erratic, sudden, and, dangerous violence.

Modeled after religious cult militias which make their headquarters across the rural
Midwest and desert Southwest, Rathbun makes his base in Texas.

And, like the cult militia whose members the FBI arrested in Michigan in 2010, Rathbun fancies himself “born again” in his messianic zeal and rage against his former, established religion.

A look at one close-up photo is all anyone needs to discover that Rathbun’s eyes glow
with a psychotic gleam – one that is a perversion of anything considered religious.

And from his Texas base, Rathbun dispatches his programmed militia members throughout the country to commit acts of violence – the same drug-fueled violence that he, sources say, advocates in his so-called counseling sessions.

Indeed, even when that was his modus operandi when still in the Church as an external affairs officer. Rathbun would go out of his way to start a war, pick a fight, or find the next enemy.

No matter whether those enemies were imaginary, seen only by him.

Now bitter, in exile, he seeks revenge from those who gave him every chance to repent and reform.

Those who offered him comfort – and solace – over and over again.

Barely contained with pent-up resentment, sometimes he’s pushing, shoving and spitting – as his face lights up with incandescent rage.

Other times, his features contorted, Rathbun is slamming a car door on an investigative reporter, knocking him down with a packed suitcase, and, gouging welts on the face of a documentary filmmaker.

And – on other occasions – he’s drunk and trying to storm his way past a Bourbon Street bouncer, or, being cited for trespassing after butting into a security guard.

To the practiced eye, to those who know Marty Rathbun, there is a pattern to his psychotic behavior. Just as there is a pattern to other religious militia cults whose members endorse violence while proclaiming themselves “soldiers” in pursuit of some unseen enemy.

“Rathbun is a classic bully and a coward,” says a source who knows him well. “He has a repeated history of being violent and he always blames it on the people he victimizes.”

The source explained how the rage boils up – and over – in Rathbun:

“You can see him slowly burn as he puffs up his chest and his eyes start to roll back in his head,” the source said. “When those eyes start to go, that’s when Rathbun goes physical.”

If Marty Rathbun is as insane and violent as the Church of Scientology says he is — and Scientology has a 27 year track record with this guy — then Rathbun cannot be believed about anything he says.

The Church of Scientology itself declares that Marty Rathbun is a conjurer of lies:


In a true Scientology footbullet for the ages, the Church Scientology itself has given us ample reasons not to believe anything this “conjurer of lies” and “violent psychopath” Marty Rathbun says in his recent video series.

On a final note, Scientology tells us that Rathbun is a liar and a master of disaster:

The beginning of Marty Rathbun’s journey to nowhere began on that fateful day in 2004 when his pent-up resentments and rage finally boiled over.

Rathbun leapt on a motorcycle and roared off into the California darkness, deserting
his position and his friends and colleagues at the Church of Scientology.

Contrary to later claims that he would make to media outlets eager to spread his lies, Rathbun never held an ecclesiastical management position in the Church. He was an external affairs staffer—one who repeatedly faced justice within the Church for malfeasance, incompetence, and, indeed, what became a pattern of irrational behavior.

He said so himself when he wrote: “I have proven a proclivity for creating some of the greatest catastrophes in Church history when allowed to have some leash. If told to go iron out some line at some org, [organization] I would be hesitant and unconfident (sic). You invested in me and I haven’t been paying back on the investment. The more I try the more harm I…do. The biggest source of cross-orders and chaos and counter policy is from me.”

Rathbun’s ineptitude and gross dereliction of duty caused untold damage to the Church. His work on external legal lines created and exacerbated disasters that wasted untold sums. In his own words he said:

“Each and every time on major situations, COB [Chairman of the Board, Religious Technology Center] has had to intervene to clean up wars I had exacerbated. For example, left to my own devices in handling IRS litigation, the end result would undoubtedly have been no exemption, a billion-dollar tax bill, and possible shutting down of the Church. I have developed a slick false PR technique of positioning myself as having been integral in handling threats during and after the fact, when they are actually terminatedly handled by COB. By calculation I have lost the Church 43 million dollars on losses and expenses that could have been avoided.”

On a personal level, Rathbun mentally and physically abused fellow staffers, callously fostering what he himself described as an “atmosphere of hate.”

So when he jumped on that motorcycle, yes, Marty Rathbun had plenty of reasons to leave the Church.

Conclusion: Given what the Church of Scientology itself has written about Marty Rathbun being a liar, a perjurer, an incompetent, and a psychopath, anything Rathbun says about Leah Remini or anyone else must be rejected out of hand.

Marty Rathbun is utterly impeachable based upon the Church of Scientology’s own extensive written documentation and testimony.

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  1. Being in the mind of Marty Rathbun has got to be a descent into complete madness. Scientology really did a number on this guy.

    I’m not a former nor do I know anyone who is/was in the cult but have followed the stories for years, though recently not as much. I’ve had great admiration for those who have freed themselves from the brainwashing and control.

    Marty always struck me as “on the edge” and I had hoped that characteristic would help him through the worst of the harassment. That he would find a way to pick up the pieces but I’m guessing Miscavige knows Rathbun better than anyone and knew if anyone could be made to turn-tail back to the cult, it would be Marty.

    I’d heard the rumors that Marty was faltering. I’d seen Louis Theroux’s My Scientology Movie and could see the turmoil Rathbun was experiencing. It’s sad. Very sad.
    News just reached me about Marty via Steven Mango’s Youtube channel. I had to see for myself what MR was saying. After visiting Marty’s YT channel and seeing he had comments disabled on his videos, I gave an instant ‘dislike thumb’ and found another channel uploading/mirroring the videos and allowing comments. Ahhh, much better 🙂

    After watching just one vid, Rathbun seems empty. There is no fire left inside the man. His programming came back easily. I listen to him talk trash about Mike Rinder and Leah Remini. Damning them for making a buck and holding himself up as morally superior to them because he didn’t take/make money off of his personal story of being in the cult and getting out (guess books are different than other media). Saying Rinder never held a job since ‘blowing’. If I recall, Rinder tried to hold a job but the scourge that is Scientology made that impossible. No employer wants the zombies disturbing their business and the cult knows this. It’s why they do it. If they can’t drive you to madness they will try to starve you to death. What a hateful group they are, yet the zombies don’t see it, won’t see it.

    I’m not even sure why I am writing all this. I suppose it is an extreme disappointment in how Marty’s story has gone. And a genuine concern for his child. Another child sacrifice to the Cult of Scientology. Sickening.

    On a different note, I adore you, Karen! You are doing amazing work to help others.

  2. The new anti-Leah Remini site (stand against hate or some other b.s.) doesn’t list Marty as a troublemaker, while of course mentioning Mike Rinder. The church is cleaning up Marty’s image slowly but surely after his wife dismissed her lawsuit against them. Marty is now uncomfortably forced back into the scientology viewpoint for some consideration undoubtedly.

  3. They don’t believe in therapist/psychologist etc because they want control and want to make you crazy!

  4. What is more interesting to me than Marty’s flip flopping is the COS claims that “his was a slow and inexorable slide into the depths of irreversible irrationality” and that “for years Rathbun managed to keep the madness hidden” and “by then his cleverness had grown all but demonic.”

    These statements all lead to the conclusion that Marty had been mentally ill for years and just keeps getting worse over time.

    I have never been a Scientologist but according to everything I’ve read, it is my understanding that metal illness is not tolerated in the COS so how was Marty the number two guy in the organization and yet was mentally unstable for years? How did he work and interact with all the high level OTs, who are supposed to be so advanced and aware, without anyone picking up on the fact that he was losing his mind?

    Also, if Scientology is the answer to everything, and assuming he was actually practicing Scientology for decades, why did he go mad? Isn’t Scientology supposed to make you better not worse? Did the e-meter not register that he was going mad? Did his mental state not reveal itself in his auditing sessions? Seems like metal illness should be fairly easy to discover if the technology is so good.

    This is a bad marketing strategy. According to all the press from the COS, it seems that if you are in Scientology for any length of time you become, by their own admission, a liar, a thief, a cheater, a wife beater, a mad man, and so on because that is what they claim about every single person that leaves. Doesn’t appear that your system is working if everyone turns out to be a terrible person. Either you are recruiting terrible people or you are turning good people into terrible people. They should probably consider consulting a good PR firm. There are several that specialize in crisis management. I know they can’t of course but wow…this campaign is such a bad idea.

  5. You make an excellent point:

    According to all the press from the COS, it seems that if you are in Scientology for any length of time you become, by their own admission, a liar, a thief, a cheater, a wife beater, a mad man, and so on because that is what they claim about every single person that leaves. Doesn’t appear that your system is working if everyone turns out to be a terrible person. Either you are recruiting terrible people or you are turning good people into terrible people. They should probably consider consulting a good PR firm. There are several that specialize in crisis management. I know they can’t of course but wow…this campaign is such a bad idea.

  6. Here is a late comment, for what I think is Marty´s motivations or one of the major one:
    Marty has a graet ego, he was the top auditor and was considered the best, he was revered and respected in the Co$, his word was almost law. When he came out, I think his plan was, he was gonna show how LRH metods worked and create a movement to dipose of Miscavige, who in his mind was responsible for all the failures in the church, and return the church to what it should be in his mind and everything would be fine again, his goal was never to take down the church, he repeatedly said that, just to stop the abuses and money grabbing practice within the church, he states that in the hearing at Germany.
    First he probably felt betrayed when Rinder didn´t want to have anything to do with LHR and consider LHR a scammer, and nobody was interested in hearing about LHR and auditing which everyone or almost everyone outside Co$, except for maybe the independent scientologists, which each have their flavor in what they believe from the Co$, consider one big money scam ,snake oil, cheap Psychology and self help.
    He was trying to write a book and prove that scientology works, his last post before changing, was about that, but that must have gone down the drain, since proof outside the Co$ require “a little more” than inside, where one example proves everything.
    Combined with the pressure from the church, mental instability and probably some money also, he probably came to the conclusion that scientology only works if practiced inside the church, and Miscavige wasn´t going anywhere, so his solution was to go back to the Co$, where he is/was somebody and take the money he probably needed, since he´s to unstable to have a regular job.
    Just my opinion on this, there are of course other factors which probably helped him chooce the path he chose.

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