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The Church of Scientology Plays Righteous Victim

CDM.1As reported by the Los Angeles Times, a deranged man in Illinois named Andre Barkanov has been arrested for making telephone threats against the Church of Scientology and its leader David Miscavige. The article stated:

Barkanov had been arrested several times by the Chicago Police Department, and he had twice been convicted of impersonating a police officer.

During my many years of being a public Scientology critic I have consistently called for peaceful and nonviolent means to dismantle the Church of Scientology in its present form. I deplore violence.

The Church of Scientology is a malicious and violent organization that spies on its enemies, breaks up families, bankrupts many of its members, and has left a trail of ruined lives and suicides in its wake. However, let the Church be threatened by an insane man in Illinois and it seizes the occasion to paint itself as a righteous victim. The Los Angeles Time quoted Church spokesperson Karin Pouw trying to spin the threats made by one lunatic into a story of persecution:

“From what we have been told, his actions appear to have been incited by anti-Scientology propaganda,” said Karin Pouw, the spokeswoman.

Parishioners and the church’s leaders do not routinely face threats of violence, Pouw said, adding that the church does not discuss threats made against Miscavige or others.

She also blamed rising levels of “religious hate and bigotry” for driving such violent threats.

“This case involving an apparently unstable man who told police he was incited by anti-religious propaganda shows the dangers of bigotry and hate spread by irresponsible individuals,” Pouw said.

To which I reply to Ms. Pouw: Your “Church” killed my wife’s son Alexander Jentzsch through its toxic policy of disconnection. Your Church did not let my wife see her dead son’s body to kiss him goodbye one last time. Compounding the tragic death of Alexander at age 27, the Church of Scientology has slandered my wife as a prostitute on the Church of  Scientology’s disgusting and vile hate websites. The “bigotry and hate spread by irresponsible individuals” is a description David Miscavige, OSA spy boss Linda Hamel, and her team of vicious “no integrity” operatives. The Church of Scientology needs to clean up the vicious hate-and-propaganda-spewing insane asylum that is OSA before daring to lecture anybody on bigotry.

The Church of Scientology’s hypocrisy is truly appalling. Even as it is playing “righteous victim” because a lunatic made some phone calls, the Church has hate websites up on Alex Gibney, Lawrence Wright, HBO, Mike Rinder, and everyone else who dared to speak out against Scientology and David Miscavige in Gibney’s Going Clear, a brave film that has now won three Emmy’s and is an odds on favorite to win the Oscar for Best Documentary.

The brutality, obscenity, and inhumanity of the Church of Scientology explains precisely why it is being dismantled by Culture and exposed as a greedy killing machine that needs to be ended by the revocation of its 501(c)3 tax exemption. Scientology is creating and perpetuating its own meltdown and has no one to blame but itself.

In the meantime, Andre Barkanov needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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  1. Captain David ” let him die” Miscavige sheds crock-oh-dial tears. What a weird little man always playing the victim. Never addressing the criminal activities he owns.

  2. Scientology has proven to be one of the 21st Century biggest and most violent scams in the Religious field. It has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with manipulating people out of money and free labor as to a mass wealth for David Miscavige. Keep feeding the truth – it already has dismantled Scientology forever. Now we just got to make Slappy Miscavige spend his billions of dollars he extorted, bribed and manipulated out of vulnerable and trusting souls. The truth destroyed Scientology and it has died a slow and painful death. Now it is cannibalizing and destroying its own members in broad daylight and no one is afraid of them. It is so over for Scientology. Thanks to you Jeffrey Augustine and your wife and other brave souls who spoke out the truth about Scientology and its evil leader. Thank you! God Bless you and may your lives be filled with joy, peace and love. Happy New Year! This is our year to smash Scientology into the nothingness it has become and we do it with the truth! No violence. Awesome people you all are!

  3. “The greedy killing machine” pulled it in. I have no words to express my admiration for all of you, whistle blowers in the US where Scam&RTC Inc is tax free. Thank you and Karen for all the good works.

  4. As with all things Scientology – nothing is what it seems.

    OSA is not above staging scenes and situations, if there is some perceived benefit for the church.

    Notice how Ms Pouw turns the focus to:
    “he was incited by anti-religious propaganda shows the dangers of bigotry and hate spread by irresponsible individuals”

    “Irresponsible individuals”, I think we all know what she is (not so subtly) implying (e.g. Tony Ortega, Mike Rinder, Jeffrey Augustine…bitter apostates on the fringe of the internet). In Pouw’s twisted mind these are the culprits. In doing so she seeks to position the factual data and truth contained on these websites, with bigotry and hate.

  5. It’s not a crime until it’s reported. REPORT the crimes and let’s put an end to this harmful, government subsidized cult. Someone needs to make Karin Pouw responsible for the defamatory character assassinations that she’s leveled against anyone who has spoken out against the cult publicly.

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