1. “419 Larchmont, #162, Los Angeles, CA 90004” is a neighborhood mailbox store. The Church of Spiritual Technology, the mother shell corporation and owner of the materials and trademarks of the Church of Scientology uses a neighborhood mail box store to obfuscate its physical location at “The Old Squirrel Inn” just off the “Rim of the World” highway in Crestline California. Twice daily, a courier makes the 130 mile round trip from Crestline to PAC base and area to deliver and pick up communications for the mother corporation.

  2. I love its introduction of the “SP” the person who cannot be helped. The SP is so spiritually degraded that nothing can touch their horrible condition. In this way, when people are not helped by Scientology, the Tech which works 100% of the time when applied standardly (hehe), the people who are not helped can simply be reclassified as evil and un-helpable.

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    1. When a Scientologist dies with monies on account the Church of Scientology keeps the money. If the heirs ask for the money returned they get a letter from Scientology Legal stating that the monies were nonrefundable donations and that the Church has no legal obligation to return them. This is criminal fraud under the color of religion and it is how Scientology works.

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