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  1. “419 Larchmont, #162, Los Angeles, CA 90004” is a neighborhood mailbox store. The Church of Spiritual Technology, the mother shell corporation and owner of the materials and trademarks of the Church of Scientology uses a neighborhood mail box store to obfuscate its physical location at “The Old Squirrel Inn” just off the “Rim of the World” highway in Crestline California. Twice daily, a courier makes the 130 mile round trip from Crestline to PAC base and area to deliver and pick up communications for the mother corporation.

  2. In the world of fantasy role-playing games, Scientology is a thing of beauty. Complete and utterly circular, it provides neat explanations for its many perversions.

  3. I love its introduction of the “SP” the person who cannot be helped. The SP is so spiritually degraded that nothing can touch their horrible condition. In this way, when people are not helped by Scientology, the Tech which works 100% of the time when applied standardly (hehe), the people who are not helped can simply be reclassified as evil and un-helpable.

  4. When a Scientologist dies with monies on account the Church of Scientology keeps the money. If the heirs ask for the money returned they get a letter from Scientology Legal stating that the monies were nonrefundable donations and that the Church has no legal obligation to return them. This is criminal fraud under the color of religion and it is how Scientology works.

  5. Well Cult of Sci., the Cat Escaped your bag months ago,no make that years ago,as it pertains to tax evasion and lying about same. This concealment and capture of monies “ on acct “ and no refunding to heirs if one drops that body, it is all within the scrambled doctrine of Scientology. I translate as, “ Hey all you suckers! Come on in for auditing or training or why not both, really raise that bar and join Sea Org The most ethical group ever created..! Lest one forgets All of you body, mind & spirit becomes Our Property & Any-insubordination will get one on a Fast Track to RPF, & beyond.

    In 1974 when I joined Asho Fdn Sea Org I donated around $30,000 on account to Asho F for my processing & training. Not much today but enough back then. I honestly thought by doing so I could fill in the huge empty space of no experience beyond DMSMH when I joined. I really wanted to move up quickly and understand Ron & my SO calling, Lol.

    However the very next day & the three years after,I found out not only was I not receiving auditing from a trained competent terminal, Ha! that term is so creepy now, not only did that not happen until Grade 4 & XDN etc, but I was ordered to get to Power and complete it before I could use an EMeter. To this day I do not compute this. What was the policy on EMeters & Ms. Ann? Perhaps the policies that were and the people that enforced “ ethics “ as part of this, did not want me to cause their new Mark whatever they were Meters to go berserk!

    So basically whenever there was a break period for Asho D & Fdn which meant volleyball matches on the loading dock, I would be inundated with Sea Orgers wanting me to loan them money for their training & processing. I quickly figured out “ monies on account “ meant I surrendered my donation to The Sea Org so that Scientology could use it however they chose. And I was hounded to deliver more cash from my late Dad well into 1977-1978.

    This is another on-going ruse that the IAS & RTC fit into perfectly. Thank you so much Jeffrey A 💛💛💛

  6. I left my comment & away it walked. Trying again. Thank you Jeffrey A. Scientology has been throwing their weight around in gold bars for years. Their love of money and the illegal ways they obtain & sanitize it, is central to their delusional convoluted thinking.
    The term “ monies on account “ I do have personal experience with. When I joined The Sea Org Asho Fdn in 1974, I knew there was a huge hole in my understanding of Ron and Policy etc as my only prior experience was DMSMH. I wanted to be able to get up to speed quickly so I could help Ron & with my place on the SO Team,reach all their goals. I was so Ron- dazzled in the beginning.

    So I donated $30,000 or so to Asho F for my training & processing thinking this would all help me learn faster and progress up the Bridge. Not alot today but enough then. Imagine my surprise as the weeks unfolded the auditors I had until Grade 4 & XDN well they were as green as I was. I also learned until I had done Power I was not to use an EMeter.. all these years later I still have no answer for that order. The only thing I can come up with was that future auditors did not want Ms Ann blowing their new Mark whatever it was EMeters out. Or dealing with” a I have no pictures to see PC “which is what was actually happening to me.

    I kept waiting to be given training & auditing regularly.However when there was a break moment, Asho F & D would play volleyball matches on the loading dock @ Temple St. During those games I was inundated with SOers from Day & Fdn wanting me to loan them money right then & there for auditing & training. This went on until I left in 1978. Even from 1977- 1978 I was constantly regged to get more money from my late Dad so I could keep financing everyone but me. And told I was going to be reported on for being Out Ethics by not jumping up & down at the prospect of regging my Dad for more.

    The money trail of the Cult of Scientology is like a gigantic maze of turns & twists. May the rusted chains holding that money trail for the cult, crumble into dust & may all the those hurt in anyway because of Scientology Ron/ miscavige or in any other way by miscavige find peace in the Light of Freedom & dance with the releases of fear. Scientology thrives on cruelty, negativity and great sleight of hand.

    Love & Support to Jeffrey A, Jeff W & John P and all those who know what is right and what is very very wrong about Scientology’s Criminal Conduct. They will always divert attention from their prize, piles of money, and till the bitter end and it will be for Scientology,defend their sorry asses 24/7. In the end Scientology will be dust. I may not be here to see it but wherever & whoever I am, I will KNOW it! Love to All.💛💛💛

  7. Let’s keep in mind; LRH said “Immediate Refund upon request.” that’s the policy and DM was never authorized to change it. KSW. Anyone denying anyone at the CoS their refund will never go up the Bridge due to their outethics action. My question is; What Scientologist would be dumb enough or naive enough to comply with David ,The Failed Class 5 Auditor,Miscavige ?? Ans; ALL OF THEM.

  8. I hadn’t even found a house in LA when I came here 2 1/2 months ago, but I was drawn in by Eric Meyersfield’s charisma and fell for the ego-boosting compliments about how much potential I had. They told me I was getting a scholarship, but actually wanted 28,000 on top of the 5 grand I’d paid for a purif and Survival Rundown. Little did I know I’d have to go through some rigorous interrogations before starting any of that. After I paid the first 5k Wyatt the interrogation guy in the ethics department told me that because I’d read a news article about Leah Remini I would have to pay another hundred dollars to take a “who you can trust course” and later another hundred dollars for an “ethics and integrity course.” I just paid them 5 grand and I was being punished! The sales team went into damage control I fell for it. They acted as personal assistants to open up credit cards and charge them. In the next few days I realized just how much of an idiot I had been to fall for it.

    But for the past month and a half I’ve been fighting to get my money back and they are playing the exact sleazy hardball tactics I’ve been reading about on here. It’s horrible.

  9. Greg the Chaplain blatantly lied to me in voicemail telling me that the refund was a done deal, but then the church submitted documentation saying my payment was a charitable gift and my dispute with the credit card company was denied. The credit card company refused to use the voicemail in the dispute process.

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