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The Silence of Tom Cruise


Tom Cruise steadfastly chooses to remain silent about the brutality, lies, and human rights abuses of his beloved Church of Scientology. And with his Mission Impossible franchise having raked in more than two billion dollars to date and still producing cash, you can’t blame him. OT VII Tom Cruise is better off remaining silent about Scientology, making films, and quietly solo auditing his body thetans every day behind closed doors.

While an epic film stunt, Cruise riding on the outside of an Airbus A400M in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation doesn’t change the fact that the Church of Scientology is a vicious, dishonest, and deceptive business. In my view, Tom Cruise’s MI5 Airbus stunt is a metaphor for his life as a Scientology celebrity.

The stunt was carefully designed; engineered; tested using a dummy; and it had a large unseen support crew behind it. But most importantly, the stunt was heavily edited so that none of the artifice was seen.

Tom Cruise and his stunt people have said the biggest risk in the stunt was a bird strike. The physics of a bird striking Tom Cruise during the stunt are such that both the bird and the actor would have been killed. In this sense, a bird strike is the moral equivalent of a reporter asking Cruise questions about the deeply disturbing contents of Alex Gibney’s documentary Going Clear  during the PR tour leading up to the launch of the new film. Now we know that Ethan Hunt is vulnerable to both bird strikes and tough questions about Scientology.

However, just as Cruise and his team mitigated the risks of a bird strike during the filming of the stunt, they also mitigated the risks of any unwanted questions by imposing strict censorship on the MI5 PR tour: No reporters were allowed to ask Cruise about Scientology, Going Clear, or his romantic life. Hence, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation is a triumph of concealing artifice; acting out a completely make-believe story of heroism and saving the planet; and this while enforcing censorship in real life. In other words, MI5 is Scientology practiced perfectly.

There is more to Tom Cruise’s silence about Scientology than protecting the lavish income he earns from making films. Indeed, the policies of L. Ron Hubbard only allow Scientologists four options when it comes to Scientology:

1. Unequivocally praise L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology, and the Tech. The mantra from Scientologists is that the Tech works; the Church’s social betterment programs help millions of people everyday; and that L. Ron Hubbard was a wise and selfless humanitarian. For any Scientologist to say, or even think, anything negative about the Church publicly or privately is a high crime. Only praise is allowed.

2. Attack anyone who criticizes the Church. L. Ron Hubbard called for attacks on anyone who speaks out against Scientology. This is contained in Hubbard’s infamous Attack the Attacker policy:

The DEFENSE of anything is UNTENABLE. The only way to defend anything is to ATTACK, and if you ever forget that, then you will lose every battle you are ever engaged in, whether it is in terms of personal conversation, public debate or court of law...

Never talk about us - only them.  Use their blood, sex, crime to get headlines.  Don't use us.

Scientology attacks may either be overt or covert, blatant or sneaky. In a 2004 Rolling Stone interview, Tom Cruise replied to the prevalent cultural criticism of Scientology by going on the attack:


3. Go Silent: In 2005, Tom Cruise went on the attack against Psychiatry and psychiatric medications. This proved a debacle, after which Cruise went silent on Scientology. His silence is mandated by Hubbard per the reference shown above:

                   Never talk about us... Don't use us.

Hence, Cruise’s silence on Scientology, while conveniently self-serving, is the only choice he has given his options of praise, attack, or silence. In any case, Cruise has failed in the past with attack. By way of comparison, John Travolta uses only praise when speaking of Scientology and remains absolutely silent on the abuses of Scientology.

4. Have the Church of Scientology’s propaganda bureau Office of Special Affairs issue a PR release. When OSA issues a PR release in response to an allegation or an actual event, it never actually addresses the substances of the issue. Rather, OSA  issues “attack the attacker” press releases in which it parrots its reflexive, predictable, and tired old propaganda lines:

  • A tiny handful of bitter defrocked apostates are making baseless attacks on Scientology in order to gain money and/or notoriety
  • Those attacking Scientology are bigots
  • Scientology is growing and expanding faster than ever and is helping its millions of members
  • Millions of people are being helped by Scientology everyday

Hubbard policy strictly forbids Scientologists from ever debating others about Scientology. That is why the Church of Scientology and its members have never, and will never, engage in any public debates. There is just too much risk of a bird strike so to speak.

Only the notorious Office of Special Affairs is permitted to speak on behalf of the Church — and even then OSA’s recent PR statements have become angrier than ever. The recent zinger from Church spokesperson Karin Pouw was noteworthy in that she used the term “provable bullshit” to so charmingly make her point when defending Scientology leader Captain David Miscavige:


Like John Travolta and the tiny handful of aging Scientology celebrities, Tom Cruise has, for many decades, refused to either acknowledge or speak about the documented human rights abuses and lies in the Church of Scientology. This is per Hubbard’s policy, “Never talk about us….”

Examples of Scientology barbarities about which Tom Cruise remains silent include:

  • Disconnection and the breaking up of families
  • The practice of Fair Game and spying conducted by the notorious Office of Special Affairs
  • RPF
  • Forced abortions in the Sea Org
  • The systematic financial rape of Scientology parishioners
  • Sea Org slave labor
  • The Church’s great big lie about the death of L. Ron Hubbard
  • The physical, verbal, and psychological brutality of Church leader David Miscavige
  • The PR damage created to the Church as a result of David Miscavige’s behavior
  • L. Ron Hubbard’s call for genocide against non-Scientologists

Tom Cruise’s silence shows he has zero confront of the evil in his own group.  In my experience this “lack of confront” speaks to  the central flaw indoctrinated into Scientologists: As a group, Scientologists possess an overwhelming sense of personal superiority and hubris which, disturbingly, coexists alongside a stunning and willful blindness to Scientology’s evil, lies, and abuses.

In the mind of Scientologists, L. Ron Hubbard, David Miscavige, and the Church can do no wrong. Any criticism about Scientology or its leaders is reflexively characterized as an “attack” made by Suppressive Persons, bigots, haters, and all the other epithets Scientologists use in an attempt to ignore the documented facts of Scientology’s egregious and barbaric conduct.

The sense of overwhelming personal superiority and hubris possessed by Scientologists results from their belief that they are members of a master race group called Homo Novis.

Tom Cruise believes himself to be Homo Novis, the new Scientology superman who has transcended the inferior race of “homo saps” or “wogs.” Tom Cruise knows this. However, he can never talk about his racial superiority it in public.

The superiority, hubris, and blindness of Scientologists is not accidental. Rather, these characteristics are the product of indoctrination, insularity, and the peculiar willingness of Scientologists to ignore reality while pretending to be masters of reality.

Essentially, Tom Cruise has abdicated all moral responsibility for the abuses perpetrated daily by his Church and is therefore in a condition of no responsibility for his group.

Given his movie star power to censor reporters, Tom Cruise is getting a free pass on Scientology, his master race status, and Hubbard’s call for a genocide against non-Scientologists. All of this is being swept under the carpet. What is being celebrated is Tom Cruise’s stunt ride on Airbus A400M.

While it was a truly great stunt, people everywhere wanted to know more about Tom Cruise’s stunt. Below are some of the things I discovered.

1. This is the part of the Airbus A400M where the stunt took place. There are four structural parts of the aircraft involved in the stunt:


2. Tom Cruise was harnessed by straps leading into the rear door. A second strap went forward to the camera boom arm and entered the aircraft. This strap was used to wench Tom forward after the filming of the takeoff scene. All of the straps were digitally edited out of the scene.


3.  The initial takeoff footage was filmed. Tom Cruise appears to be hanging on to the aircraft by his bare hands.


4. After the very short takeoff scene was filmed, the A400M deflector door was opened and Tom Cruise was pulled into an upright position. This allowed the harnessed Cruise to stand upright on the step behind the deflector door. The deflector doors deflect the slipstream over the aircraft and thereby reduce its impact on the rear doors. This allows paratroopers to exit the doors without being hit by the full force of the slipstream. The deflector doors helped to protect Tom Cruise during a dangerous stunt. The vdeo still below shows Cruise tucked in behind the deflector door:


5. Because the A400M is built with side paratroop doors, the rear doors can be opened in flight. This allowed Cruise an extra safety margin; if anything went wrong in flight he could be pulled inside the plane to, presumably, a waiting medical team. This is an important feature as the actor hung suspended at altitudes up to 5,000 feet. Screen grab from video posted by FameFlynet:

6. What this MI stunt had going in its favor is that the A400M is a purpose-designed multipurpose cargo plane that allows for paratroopers to jump from the side doors. The A400M has a “sweet spot” designed for parachuting and that spot is where Tom Cruise was positioned. With its side doors, side steps, and deflector doors, the Airbus A400M was the ideal aircraft for this stunt.

This most impressive Tom Cruise stunt was designed and conducted by experts; the risk was solely borne by Cruise. This stunt and Mi5 will pay off handsomely for Tom Cruise in terms PR and box office numbers.

Tom Cruise is receiving great acclaim for a stunt that will surely go down in the annals of Hollywood as one of the greatest stunts ever. However, his silence on Scientology is being widely reported.

I will not be seeing MI5 for the simple reason that part of the money Tom Cruise receives will be donated to the killing machine known as the Church of Scientology. I can’t watch any Tom Cruise movie without thinking of the people whom Scientology has killed, driven to suicide, financially destroyed, or whose families have been torn apart by Disconnection. Scientology killed Alexander Jentzsch, my wife’s only child. The Church would not let my wife Karen see her dead son’s body and kiss him goodbye one last time. This is what Tom Cruise is empowering with his money and enabling with his silence. This is why I won’t watch any of his films.

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  1. Thank you Jeffrey for the great job you have been doing and for your courage to speak out against the “killing machine” and the richest cult on Earth. When I see people like you and Karen and quite a few others that are on the front line, I tell myself that all is not rotten and that I can still have hope on humankind.

  2. Tom could do a lot for his PR by creating some free, self sustaining eco villages which Sea Org members can move to if they choose to leave the Sea Org or retire. Some are terrified to leave because they have absolutely NO resources, no social security, nothing to protect themselves in their old age.

    How about it Tom?

  3. I will never, ever, watch a Tom Cruise or John Travolta movie.

    Give Karen a hug for me. Watched her video last week and it was devastating.

  4. Good Day sir Tom Cruise and family: I am called to save you, in the name of christ be saved. Thankyou! Jesus christ save Tom!

    – love Jesus christ, till eternity Amen!

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