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Attn David Miscavige: Scientologist Louis Farrakhan Calls for the Murder of Police Officers

In a shocking  YouTube video, Scientologist and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan calls for black people to rise up and kill white police officers as retribution for the black people who have been killed by police officers:


Scientology has done no good for Farrakhan. Scientology’s self-proclaimed “Tech” has not given Farrakhan any solutions beyond calling for the murder of cops.

Scientology claims to be about creating “a world without war, crime, or insanity” and yet Farrakhan calls for murdering police officers.

Legally speaking, David Miscavige needs to act in his claimed capacity as COB RTC:

A. Declare Louis Farrakhan a Suppressive Person and expel him from Scientology.


B. Revoke all Scientology licenses issued the Nation of Islam for cause: Farrakhan’s call for NOI to create a cop-killing culture.

Miscavige’s failure over the past several years to handle Louis Farrakhan proves Miscavige’s utter failure to carry out his mandated duties. It is well worth noting that even the controversial Alex Jones felt compelled to publicly comment on Farrakhan’s violent rants:

During Farrakhan’s very public embrace of Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard in 2012, Farrakhan ordered all Nation of Islam men to do Dianetics courses as a precondition of rising within Nation of Islam leadership:

Now Farrakhan is calling for an army of 10,000 soldiers who prefer to death to persecution to rise up.

By not declaring Farrakhan and revoking CSI’s licenses to Nation of Islam, David Miscavige is allowing the Church of Scientology International to sanction and condone Farrakhan’s conduct. The call for murder from such a high-profile Scientologist as Louis Farrakhan is very disturbing and surely cannot go unanswered by David Miscavige.

Of course, we can expect Tom Cruise to remain silent on this matter. Tom Cruise is deaf, dumb, and blind when it comes to Scientology. Cruise cannot hear, speak, or see Scientology’s evils. Tom Cruise’s silence and his moral capitulation to Scientology evils is a fait accompli and is to Cruise’s disgrace. He alone bears the stigma of his own capitulation to evil.

The Church of Scientology is deranged.

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  1. Seems clear ( pun intended) David ” let him die” Miscavige does not believe in LRH or Scientology. He is all in for the money.

  2. Looks like Scientology is Working.

    Farrahkan has had the EP of Scientology and is a full fledged “died in the wool” Scientologist.

    He needs to receive a Freedom MEDAL and trophy. His stats are straight up and vertical. He wants to KILL. Scientology Kills!

    Scientology (L Ron Hubbard’s version too) produces some of the nastiest people in the World. Evil and criminal. Egotistical and ruthless. L Ron Hubbard was a criminal and so is David Miscavige and any minion that chooses to “Look the other Way”.

    Scientology creates the exact opposite of what it says it does.

    Louis Farrahkan IS OAT TEA and has reached the final EP of Scientology – a want to be “murderer” – seeking attack, revenge and hate to anyone that threatens his version of survival.

  3. There are more than 750,000 police officers across the US.
    Somewhere between 400 to 1,000 people were killed by police last year. (Accurate stats seem to be hard to come by)
    Fewer than 1/2 of these police related deaths were on blacks.

    If the police in America were truly racist pigs with an agenda to murder blacks, they are doing a lousy job of it.

    Approximately 8,000 blacks die in homicides each year. 93% of these people were killed by other blacks.

    It is painfully obvious that the greater threat to the black community is other blacks, not the police. Farrahkan and other racist black leaders who incite violence against imagined enemies in order to rile up their cult following are a huge part of the problem, not the solution. Preferring lies to the truth, they foment hatred.

    Miscavige is of a similar mindset. His Freedom magazine articles incite hatred of psychologists, psychiatrists and individuals who speak out against Miscavige’s abuses.

    Miscavige and Farrahkan are birds of a feather flocking together. Grandiose visions of their own magnificence bellowed to their loyal followers while uniting them against a common enemy. No matter if the enemy is a red herring, as long as the minions believe and fight and donate to the cause.

    Neither Miscavige nor Farrahkan will ever change. They are both quite deranged.

    I sincerely hope the loyal followers of both groups wake up before the kool-Aid gets passed around.

  4. I never did see what the CO$ got out of any association with the NOI. Most of the ‘fees’ associated with ‘book 1′ course work are said to have been kicked back to Farrakhan. I suppose the clampire kept money for the e-meters, but outside of getting some nice soul duds, I don’t see what the CO$ got out of that deal.

    The NOI gets well programmed Louiebots, I can see why Farrakhan likes that.

  5. the suspense, is this the peak of their idiocy or has it just begun?

    can’t wait to see how this merger plays out, will they go broke trying to be scientologists, try to steal dianetics, go all the way up the bridge and noi will disappear into scientology, can’t have both… or will they start a violent revolt against management?

    either way, in the next 5-10 years there’s going to be some very interesting ex noi/scientologists speaking out, if there’s any of those sheep left that are still sane enough to see they’re being played and intelligent/brave enough to escape

  6. When Farrakhan joined Scientology he had been spouting radical white hatred and antisemitic slogans. He supported the mideast ideology that all Jews should be put to death. He was successful then. Scientology only confirmed that he needs to continue what brought him to power. After all, he doesn’t want his stats to drop. Miscavige doesn’t care what he says. He just cares for the numbers of bodies routed in.

    Funny that 2nd video you posted by Alex Jones InfoWars is a huge racist. Talking about death panels!! If you look at his current post Pope Francis the Devil, is a fun listen. His latest post today is called Trump Is an Infiltrator.

    What a clown. Can’t tell what side he’s on.

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