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Could There Be a Jonestown Mass Suicide Inside the Church of Scientology?

In his post today at the Underground Bunker today, Tony Ortega posted a chilling audio clip of Jonestown leader Jim Jones talking about Scientology and Paulette Cooper. I repost the audio below. Please see the Underground Bunker for the article and comments.

The question “Could there be a Jonestown mass suicide inside the Church of Scientology?” has been asked repeatedly over the years. Some former members have said yes, some have said no, and some have said it could only happen at the International Base.

The Scientology Cult blog explored this question in 2010; the article is well worth reading.

My answer is congruent with the theme of the Scientology Money Project and is posted below the YT video.

There has already been a financial Jonestown in the Church of Scientology. News of the devastating financial mass suicide has largely been covered up by OSA’s use of threats, binding contracts, and disconnection against the victims.

The perpetrators and beneficiaries of the financial mass suicide are Scientology FSM’s, registrars, outside lawyers and PI’s, and anyone else who receives commissions or paychecks for their help in enabling the financial rape and slaughter and shuddering the victims into silence.

The Kool Aid used to effect the financial mass suicide is a sweet and lethal mixture of propaganda, lies, false promises of power and salvation, threats, gang bang regging, and a sense of false urgency that Scientology is under threat of immediate danger or destruction at the hands of the Psychs and various outside forces.

The tyrant and architect of the mass financial suicide is the true Scientology Cult leader whose name is Stats and whose scorched earth greed for money is insatiable.

Sacrifices must be made to the Scientology false idol named Stats every Thursday at 2:00 PM. Acceptable sacrifices are money, labor, and slavery, particularly young people sacrificed to the Sea Org.

Scientology’s human leaders live and die but Stats — a wily, calculating, and devastatingly efficient financial predator — will never die so long as he maintains his camouflage as a religion and is protected by IRS tax exemption.

The financial Jonestown mass suicide in Scientology is a propaganda-based slaughter that uses coercive and manipulative psycho-mechanics against its victims. The victims are led to believe they will obtain breathtaking results in this life and reincarnate into a better future life if they are willing to commit financial suicide right now by giving every last penny to the Church of Scientology, the IAS, and other greedy entities. This financial suicide is irreversible as the victims sign malicious contracts ensuring that all monies are nonrefundable and agreeing to never sue the Church.

The Church of Scientology induces its members to commit financial suicide even as it withholds from them the fact that it has billions of dollars in cash and hard assets, is not broke, and is not in any sort of imminent financial danger.

Stats is now using the IAS to systematically mop up the few remaining financially solvent status-seeking survivors by use of trophies and other pseudo-insouciant flatteries.

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  1. To further this line of reasoning..

    The church seeks to extract all that is considered valuable from its parishioners:

    1) Money
    2) Time
    3) Children

    There have been many, many words written on the church’s obsession with money and methods of acquiring it. What is often overlooked is Time.

    Being active in Scn requires a lot of time. Any former staff member will tell you of 80+ weeks, and for Sea Org members it’s even more. As well, public Scnists are pressured to put more and more time in on course or in session. And when they are not doing that, they are expected to participate in events, fundraising, book selling, etc.

    Slowly, but persistently, public are pressured and convinced to spend less and less time with their family and friends, and more and more time working to raise their stats.

    As one gets older you gain a renewed appreciation of time and how you spend it. You become acutely aware of wasted time in the past. This is a non-replenishable resource. For this lifetime, by definition, you have a finite amount of time to pursue your goals and dreams. I will not speculate about “next lifetime” or the “timelessness” of a thetan. I’m talking about the here and now, reality.

    I spent 30 years in Scn, a portion of those on staff. Though I never bothered to add it up, it feels much longer.

    For the church, time equates to effort and work, essentially it is energy. Since you do not spend your time idle in the church, you are always doing something. Some you do for yourself, but much of it is for the church. Your time IS valuable. The less time you have, the more valuable it is. And because it has value, it qualifies to be on the church’s list of needs and wants.

    One could equate time with life itself. If you “have no more time”, or “run out of time”, well, you’re dead. Carelessly handing over your time to the church is really turning over your life to them.

    The church methodically gets you to part with your money, spends your time, and finally will target your children (future resources), to extract further time and money. Any Kool-Aid drinking Scnist with children will do their part to pressure and coerce them to “be on course”, or “join staff” or worse – “join the Sea Org.” But, by that stage they have been completely and utterly indoctrinated to hand over all that is valuable.

    And so it goes…

  2. I find it fascinating that a few people I know still believe that the CIA orchestrated the People’s Temple mass suicide. They seem to be unable to grasp the simple fact that some people like Jim Jones really are that evil and are capable of being that manipulative and malicious.

    I also know some people who firmly believe that L Ron Hubbard had nothing to do with the sadistic pogrom against Paulette Cooper.

    It would seem to me that the CIA is certainly capable of these kinds of heinous acts. The CIA also has individuals within its ranks who are true believers who think what they do is necessary in order to foster world peace and freedom. People like Jim Jones, Hubbard and Miscavige simply created organizations which appear to be pretty much blood-brothers to the CIA. Arrogant, self-righteous groups who justify atrocious behavior in the name of the greater good.

    I don’t think there will be any mass suicide like Jonestown in scientology. Der Fuhrer, Miscavige, has enough pocket change to keep 50 lawyers on retainer for the rest of his life. He’ll play it out until he dies. Lawyers are similar to Miscavige- they are in it for the money, not the justice.

    What may have value in scientology is being filtered out and incorporated into other practices. Miscavige’s cult will continue to shrink but he’s now got over a billion in cash, hundreds of millions in real estate he can liquidate and a few thousand dupes who will adore him until the anti-climatic end.

  3. I do not think there would be a mass suicide within Scientology.

    1. David Miscavige likes being who he is too much. Wealthy dictator etc etc.
    2. Any thoughts or feelings of group suicide shared amongst other Scientologists would likely have them reported and dealt with. singular suicides could occur but not group ones.

    The only death that I hope occurs is of Scientology it self. So far it is occurring through natural attrition of people leaving and no new members to fill their place, but this seems to be a very slow process.

    A further way to speed up the process of Scientology’s demise would be to limit its income which currently seems to be coming from wealthy oil tycoons from South America. If these could be restricted then maybe its demise could be sped up.

    It would be great to get an article or opinion on why these wealthy people (whales) keep contributing to Scientology. Wealthy people don’t get wealthy by frivolously giving away their money. You’d have to think there is some other reason for what they get out of it.

    I have a very basic understanding of money laundering or fraudulent financial dealings but my guess it may be because:

    -Tax deductible donations save tax but only up to a point.


    Fraudulent behavior such as:

    1. Large “Donations” are made to Scientology.
    2. Scientology really holds/ invests the money in trust on the whales behalf in a tax exempt environment.
    3. Scientology takes a fee for the privilege of keeping those funds.
    4. The fee is much less than the tax a whale would ordinarily have to pay.
    5. The money is then eventually siphoned back to the whales as needed or required.

    It would be great to get an article or opinion from a financial analyst or lawyer about the why’s and how’s of these sorts of dealings. And then maybe look to restrict those avenues.

    Love your work Jeffrey. Keep it going!!!!!

  4. no doubt, scientology was peppered with suicide hints by hubbard

    process rj-45, the process where you go exterior as a thetan by shooting yourself in the head, not very subtle…

    miscavige says in lrh’s death event, he “dropped his body” because it was a hindrance to further OT research

    their code of honor
    9. Your self-determinism and your honor are more important than your immediate life.

    there are many other but that’s enough to demonstrate they don’t really care for having bodies, their whole premise is bodies hold back thetans

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