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SBPI: Social Betterment Properties International

Social Betterment Properties International is a Church of Scientology entity that holds properties for the Church’s so-called “social betterment” groups.

No 990-T’s are available at present. However, the stated 2008 asset value stated for Social Betterment Properties International was $39,647,311.

This increased by at least $5,000,000 when Tony Ortega reported that SBPI had purchased the late actor Larry Hagman’s Ojai, California estate for $5,000,000 in cash.

From Wikipedia:

“Founded in 1989, the Association for Better Living and Education (ABLE) is an umbrella organization that administers six of Scientology’s social programs:


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  1. ‘k – will do. FWIW when it comes to following the money in Scientology, I think it’s important to also tie it into the corporate officers – who was in charge and at what point in time. That way, when lawsuits get filed that need to pursue depositions and whatnot, who to pursue is public domain information.

    That was purpose of the dox collected here:

    I have a project plan for that info, and I’ll share it with you privately on FB. And the names named in the recently leaked IRS dox expand on what I aim to eventually do ohhh so nicely.

  2. Love what you are doing, JSwift! These 990T’s are exceptional information.

    Way back, up until 2009, Ray Hill at his site was compiling docs and data on all the known entities with 990s from 2003 onward.

    Here is the page for Social Betterment Properties International, which breaks down year by year income and expenses and other info from the returns.

    I think Ray took a break on all this due to health reasons, since 2998-2009 is the last year for many of the entities. His important efforts are sorely missed but I’m grateful for all he accomplished. The information and docs you gathered on the 990T’s is a wonderful addition to the internet

    BTW, the company is called Social Betterment Properties International, Not Social Better. You may want to correct the misspellings. Glad you and CofS Exit Zone are in contact on this, too. is a treasure trove of information.

  3. Hello Mary, great to see you here at the SMP. I did make the correction. I knew it was “betterment” but some SP Transcriptionist *ahem* was doing copypasta, made a truncation error, and then propagated it as a consistent error. And then I had to fix it myself! I have to do all the work around this place!

    Ray Hill did great work and my work is inspired by his, yours, and the many other people who know the value of researching and archiving.

    The way we dismantle the Cult is brick by brick and so much of it is in the details.

  4. Thanks for the welcome, the compliment, the information.and explanation 🙂 I am lousy with word press so you have my sympathies, lol!

    Yes, brick by brick we dismantle. I wish more people contributed a fraction of what you and Karen are doing. We’re blessed to have you both on the ‘team’ 🙂

  5. Youth for Human Rights International is a bit tricky because it doesn’t really exist. It’s not a registered corporation in Florida or California, or listed with Guidestar. It is registered as a Fictitious Business Name in LA County, but I couldn’t get the site to divulge who currently owns it.

    Most probably the name was used by International Foundation for Human Rights and Tolerance, and now by United for Human Rights. (Always the same people, regardless of the name or shell.) As well, it doesn’t fall under ABLE. It would make *sense* for it to do so, but apparently not. A closer look at United for Human Rights’s T990s to see whose tax exemption they’re using might shed some light on that.

  6. I was looking at SBPI’s form 990s, and then looking at Narconon Arrowhead’s. In 2008, SBPI is claiming depreciation on the Arrowhead property and collecting rent. In 2011, Narconon Arrowhead is claiming the depreciation on the property and no mention of rent paid to SBPI.

    Did they transfer the property after 2008 or are they cooking the books? Overlapping form 990s in the same year would be useful. I’ll check Ray’s for older Arrowhead 990s.

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