Danny Masterson Sentenced to Prison

Court Report: Danny Masterson’s Sentencing & the TOXIC Scientology World That Covered Up His Crimes

We were there in court when Danny Masterson was sentenced to 30 years to life. In this video we offer our comments on the sentencing. Our focus is on the larger Scientology context that allowed, and even encouraged, Masterson to commit his crimes.

The context includes the Church conducting wife auditions for Tom Cruise; David Miscavige locking away his wife; and Scientology’s view of women as chattel who are reduced to sex objects.

Also discussed are the ways in which Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs gaslighted the Jane Does. Danny Masterson’s attorney Andrew Brettler also accused the women of suffering from “paranoid delusions” as part of the gaslighting.

OSA wanted Danny Masterson’s victims, the Jane Does, driven to insanity or suicide.

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  1. I have to say this is one of your all time best video statements about these matters. Powerful, very emotionally given it sinks in hard. Just excellent powerful video.

  2. Wow
    “You gotta go to a civil trial with a guy in an orange jumpsuit.’ Wonderful summary…and thanks for your work against CoS. Hope it is dismantled very soon.. from Eastern Ontario Canada

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