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Cult Clearance Prices: Scientology Selling L. Ron Hubbard at 50% Off

Scientology Cult Founder L. Ron Hubbard’s fictional books are old, antiquated, and dull. Nevertheless, Scientology-owned Galaxy Press must sell Hubbard’s fiction in paperback and audiobook format to meet their weekly stats.

In a sign of desperation, Galaxy Press is now offering 50% off on an 80-book library of Hubbard’s drivel:

The Scientology Cult, however, has no room to bargain on Hubbard’s scriptural writings. Dianetics in hardbook is sold by Bridge Publications for $40.00 USD:

On eBay a hardback copy of Dianetics can be had for $4.80 USD:

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  1. Book exchanges here in Launceston, Tasmania, still flatly refuse to take any of Tubby’s garbage. Even the op shops balk at them after being swamped with with untold numbers of copies of Cattlecar Mirth and and the 10 volume series Mephitic Emanations years ago.

  2. Curious and always ready to dive into a rabbit hole, I looked up the book on Amazon. I found it intriguing how low dianutics places on various Amazon product rankings. At least, it scored #5 on “Bestsellers in Scientology”, the list literally custom-made for it. Sadly, even there it was outranked by “Going Clear” and Rinder’s memoir.

    Equally remarkable is the fact that the entire “Bestsellers in Scientology” list, aside from dianutics, is made up of entheta. There is not a single text that reviews dianutics scientifically or philosophically/theologically. Not even as a New Age discipline, and those folks are ready to quickly accept literally anything no matter how crazed. Needless to say, no academic treatment either, not even a negative one. Nothing other than texts unmasking hubbard as a con man, unflattering histories of his life and cult, and the memoirs of those who were highly placed enough to know a lot and fled.

  3. Regarding Hubturd: A turd is still a turd. Full-price, half-price, or free, it’s all shit.
    Hip hip, shit spray!

  4. The Dianetics quackery therapy is best digested reading the 1975 edition of “Dianetics Today.” That 1975 book has the “standard” (1969 era) Dianetics commands which are not that different from the 1978 “New Era Dianetics” commands.

    Really, if you are going to do Dianetics, “per the book(s)” you have someone else play the quack pseudo-therapist and give you the commands, and you dig up soul memories, and are supposed to ultimately dig into your past lives for trauma soul memories, etc.

    I say just skim read for free, the following, FREE, on the internet:

    “Subject Volume 3”
    “Subject Volume 4”

    both the above are in the “Subject Volumes” that are 4 in total, at the end of the whole big red volumes (I think it’s 18 volumes total which includes an index volume).

    The “commands” of Hubbard’s for all of the “lower” Scientology steps you can find in Subject Volumes 3 and 4, and on YouTube there’s a person who will direct you where to find those 1991 two volumes, to find all the “commands” of Scientology up to Clear.

    I think it’s either Subject Vol 3 or 4 that have ALL of the New Era Dianetic’s commands and intricate procedures, tedious tedious stuff.

    BUT, if a newbie just wants to get the drift of how the modern (meaning since 1969 to now) “latest” general drift of how Dianetics is done, the “Dianetics Today” 1975 one volume book is findable on Amazon and EBay, to get it cheap.

    BUT if you want it all FREE, all the Hubbard quackery “commands” to “Clear” then delve into Subject Volumes 3 and 4, which are on the internet free to read.

    I would NOT recommend getting auditing, it involves them keeping paperwork on you, and that’s just not a good idea. If you wanted to see what Scientology and Dianetics “auditing” would be like, you can imagine it yourself, once you just skim over the THOUSANDS of Hubbard’s “commands” (questions you would be asked by an auditor) and you can imagine your answers.

    Be warned, it is tedious, it isn’t that great, if you ask me, and I had thousands of hours of auditing (I today tell someone it would be better to study Buddhism free or for extemely low cost on the internet and in audio books and lectures by topnotch Buddhists).

    Scientology is a two person activity, you need an auditor to give you the Hubbard quack soul therapy and exorcism (you can learn the exorcism stuff for free also, look up what is called the “OT Volume” on the internet). I don’t recommend the exorcism either, but you can dig up how to do it, or have it done, but there is plenty of free Hubbard exorcism theory writings to explain the drift of how to do the Hubbard exorcism.

    Dianetics and Scientology is quack pseudo-therapy, and upper secret official Scientology is a whole lot of exorcism.

  5. Not worth their value in pulp. Now, maybe if they were paying to haul them away it might be worth it, for the right price!

  6. I bought a copy of Dianetics at a rummage sale years ago for the whopping price of 25c. I just wanted to know just what was So Wonderful about CO$, as my step-father’s daughter was really involved with it. I started to read it, and I was bored beyond tears!

    I also had one of the CO$ “questionnaire” forms that they had on supermarket bulletin boards. Yes, the one with the 200 questions like, “Would you rather give orders than take them?” “Do you find yourself whistling for no reason?” (that one was shown on the South Park episode about CO$), among others. I put it inside of the book.

    They sat gathering dust on my bookshelf, and one day I said, “This book is evil!”, and tossed them both into the trash!

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