Serge Obolensky

The Story of Serge Obolensky – An Aftermath Foundation Survivor Story Fundraiser

The Aftermath Foundation was established to help those who want to leave Scientology and the Sea Organization, but who lack a system of support they can rely on while getting on their feet in the outside world.

This is an Aftermath Foundation Survivor Story: The Story of Serge Obolensky.

Serge was raised in scientology from a very young age and joined the Sea Organization at age 11, committing to a billion years of service to scientology. Serge’s parents and his brothers were also part of the Sea Organization. After several years of hard labor, no education, no family support and a rigorous schedule, Serge’s life was in ruins. At age 19, while he was living on L Ron Hubbard Way, Serge had a fireworks accident in which he lost both of his hands and one of his eyes. Thereafter he was promptly cut off from his family and all mental and emotional support, as a result of which Serge was homeless on Hollywood Blvd for 10 years.

The Aftermath Foundation presents: The Story of Serge Obolensky.

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  1. The Aftermath Foundation is doing what official Scientology is incapable of doing.

    In all my years of being part of the Scientology operation, and now being out of it, it seems like only the ex’s are figuring out what official Scientology ought to have done decades ago.

    Hubbard’s rules prevented official Scientology from becoming decent, and the ex’s have taken over this job of being decent.

    Maybe Scientology will realize this, and reform themselves to be decent like the ex’s have become.

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