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GPB Capital Holdings: Jeff Lash Allocutes in US Federal Court

As we reported, GPB Capital criminal co-defendant Jeff Lash entered a guilty plea. Lash has now allocuted before a US Magistrate Judge. An allocution is a statement a convicted felon makes before the court prior to sentencing. As soon as the transcript of the allocution becomes available we will post it.

Lash’s guilty plea and allocution is not good for Scientologist David Gentile and his non-Scientologist co-defendant Jeffry Schneider it moves them both that much closer to being convicted at criminal trial.

Lash’s allocution changes everything for Gentile and Schneider at their criminal trial over the $1.8 billion Ponzi scheme they operated.

We fully expect to see Jeff Lash testify against Gentile and Schneider at trial.

The Sopranos on Johnny Sack’s allocution:

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  1. The Entheta Monster Mash
    Fake Ethics Plea Deal Crash
    Mea Culpa Culty Dash
    Now yer fucked, Jeffrey Lash

  2. Thank you for the well-researched and detailed updates–very intriguing!

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