Captain Cory Palka

US Federal Prosecutor Now Investigating Retired LAPD Cop & Scientology Pal Captain Cory Palka for Corruption

The Los Angeles Times reported yesterday that heavyweight Assistant US Attorney (AUSA) Mack Jenkins has been brought in to assist the LAPD’s Internal Affairs investigation into retired LAPD Hollywood station boss Captain Cory Palka.

The now multiagency investigation into the Scientology-linked Palka began when New York Attorney General Letitia James revealed that Palka had tipped off then CBS CEO Les Moonves about a confidential sexual assault charge which had been filed against Moonves with the LAPD.

Assistant United States Attorney Mack Jenkins

Cory Palka is being investigated for corruption by the highly-experienced AUSA Jenkins. The website Calawyers offers us this bio on Mack Jenkins:

Mack Jenkins is an Assistant United States Attorney (AUSA) and Chief of the Public Corruption and Civil Rights Section at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles.  Mack is a graduate of Yale Law School and joined the U.S. Attorney’s Office in 2008. He prosecutes and supervises the prosecution of some of the most impactful and sensitive matters in the Department of Justice.  These cases include corrupt public officials at all levels, fraud against the justice system, civil rights violations by federal and local law enforcement, hate crimes and violence against peaceful protestors, election integrity, FARA violations, kleptocracy, and FCPA matters.  He and his team recently secured across-the-board convictions in the obstruction trial against then sitting U.S. Congressmember Jeff Fortenberry and obtained guilty verdicts in a bribery trial against a prominent DTLA developer and his company as part of the racketeering corruption investigation into Jose Huizar and LA City Hall.   Mack has twice received a California Lawyer of the Year Award and been named a Top 100 Lawyer by the Daily Journal and one of Los Angeles’s Most Influential by the Los Angeles Business Journal.

The Hollywood Reported just published a blockbuster article entitled How Les Moonves and His CBS Loyalists Worked to Discredit Accuser: “It Was Sort of a Mafia Culture.,”

In our view, Neil Jamieson’s artwork for The Hollywood Reporter story is a masterpiece of journalistic excellence. Jamieson depicts the corrupt Moonves nestled in a male-only luxury clubroom while surrounded by his vicious and sycophantic enforcers at CBS. These are the men that attacked the woman who filed a sexual assault complaint against Moonves. The woman was attacked by Moonves’ enforcers because LAPD Captain Cory Palka tipped off Moonves. Why is Palka not already in handcuffs?

The question is not if Cory Palka is a dirty cop; his leaking a confidential LAPD sexual assault report to Moonves proves he is a dirty cop.

The question is how deep does Cory Palka’s corruption go? The addition of AUSA Mack Jenkins suggests that the investigation into Palka goes much deeper than the Moonves matter and likely involves other officers at the Hollywood station.

Cory Palka has been a long-time friend and supporter of the Church of Scientology. That Palka tipped off Moonves naturally raises the question of what Palka tipped off Scientology and his other wealthy and powerful friends about. After all, he was the boss of the LAPD Hollywood station and saw everything that came into the Detective’s Bureau.

LAPD Hollywood developed such a reputation for corruption that the criminal investigation involving Scientologist Danny Masterson’s alleged rapes was handled by the Downtown LAPD Major Crimes Unit due to concerns over Palka finding out and compromising the investigation. It is stunning to consider that even the LAPD did not trust Captain Palka.

AUSA Jenkins is investigating Palka and his network of powerful “friends” who stood to benefit if Palka let them know about confidential LAPD matters. Before NY AG James brought to light the Moonves story, Palka’s most flagrant violation of LAPD policy was using his own authority to install a Scientology kiosk in the LAPD Hollywood station:

Captain Palka clearly violated the separation of Church and State and LAPD policy by showing blatant favoritism to Scientology in the installation of the kiosk. As we reported American Atheists filed a lawsuit and the kiosk was removed by the LAPD.

We offered a prediction that Cory Palka will be indicted on criminal charges related to the Moonves case.

We now offer an additional opinion that AUSA Jenkins will find systemic corruption on the part of Cory Palka.

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  1. Jeff Augustine, on the case!
    Thank you for continuing to expose the toxic stench of “the most ethical group on the planet” and that of its “hole-track” ecclesiastical Hubbardian Homunculus, Cap’n Pimpin’ Dave McSavage.
    Carry on!

  2. Scientology Xenu Body-Thetans Exorcism followers can’t do anything but divert public attention off their Xenu Body-Thetans Exorcism charlatanism.

    The legal arena, and using cult Xenu Body-Thetans Exorcism (OT 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 are the five Xenu body-thetans exorcism long expensive steps of upper and secret Scientology practices) is NOT fixing the world, so instead, using cult Xenu’s profits to pay lawyers to do any “wins” for Scientology, is about as good as it gets.

    And legal dodginess “wins” and successes for Scientology will never dodge off of Scientology’s Xenu body-thetans exorcism quackery practices.

    The public knows Scientology’s a quackery exorcism cult. All the public needs to know is the massive amount of Xenu body-thetans exorcism is awaiting Scientology followers if the followers stick to the Hubbard exorcism program they aren’t even allowed to admit is exorcism.

    Scientologists never learn til it’s way too late in their Scientologist careers that they have the five exorcism steps ridding themselves of Xenu’s body-thetans on OT 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.

    Scientology is a charlatan scam operation selling exorcism of Xenu’s body-thetans they get indoctrinated into believing infest all humans, and require the Hubbard OT 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 exorcism steps to remove all these Xenu body-thetans.

    Scientology lawyers conveniently sidestep the full reality of Scientology’s core deepest, longest range practices understanding.

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