David Gentile

Scientologist David Gentile Goes Down in Flames in the Pretrial Phase of His US Federal Criminal Case

David Gentile and his co-defendants Jeffry Schneider and Jeff Lash suffered a major loss today in US Federal Court in the Eastern District of New York. All six of their motions to keep the Government’s evidence out of their criminal trial were denied:

TEXT: Status Conference as to David Gentile (1), Jeffry Schneider (2), and Jeffrey Lash (3) held on 2/13/2023.

AUSAs Lauren Howard Elbert, Artie McConnell, and Garen S. Marshall appeared on behalf of the Government.

Sean Stephen Buckley, Matthew Menchel, and Benjamin Cooper appeared on behalf of David
Gentile (1). Glenn Charles Colton and Apeksha Vora appeared on behalf of Jeffry Schneider (2). Paul Townsend appeared on behalf of Jeffrey Lash (3).

All Defendants present and on bond.

For the reasons set forth on the record,

[141] Joint MOTION for Discovery was DENIED, 

[155] Joint MOTION to Dismiss was DENIED, 

[145] MOTION to Suppress Fruits of the Google Search Warrant was DENIED, 

[150] MOTION to Suppress Compelled Testimony and Statements was DENIED,

[156-1] MOTION to Suppress Materials Seized During. February 28, 2019 Searches was DENIED, and

[158] MOTION to Suppress Testimony was DENIED.

As set forth on the record, the parties’ various pending motions for leave to file documents under seal and/or in redacted form were GRANTED. The parties were directed to file, by February 24, 2023, the joint letter discussed on the record. For the reasons set forth on the record, the period from February 13, 2023 to April 17, 2023 was excluded from the computation of the time within which the trial of this matter must commence, pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 3161(h)(7)(A).

Next Status Conference set for 4/17/2023 at 10:30 a.m. before Judge Diane Gujarati in Courtroom 4B South.

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  1. Message to Whiney Little Billionaire Boys: Judges are not like overly permissive parents….. You have been VERY naughty boys. You WILL go to your rooms. It does not matter how loudly or how long you complain and whine. Your room will have bars on the door and window. You will give back all the stuff you stole and make up the damage you did. Until then you will not be allowed to play with your friends. If you are as smart as you tell everybody you are you will tell them all you are sorry and promise never to do anything like that again. But don’t lie to the judge anymore or you may get a spanking!

  2. The government is not who scn thinks it is. They mean business. They have lawyers who are not stupid!

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