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Xenu Who? Scientology Fines OT’s $100,000 if They Talk About Xenu or Body Thetans!

OT Preps and Eligibility Rules

Church of Scientology OT’s refuse to publicly discuss the OT levels for many reasons.

One major reason of which the public is unaware is the $100,000 fine OT’s agree to pay if they make public any parts of the OT Levels.

You read that correctly: OT’s sign a contract with Flag Services Organization (FSO) which binds them to pay $100,000 for each and every time they disclose any information about the OT Levels.

In the Church of Scientology, the OT Levels are called the Advanced Technology.

The Advanced Technology is a classified by the Church of Scientology as a religious trade secret. As such, only certain churches of Scientology are licensed by RTC to use this ultra-secret advanced technology to handle the effects of the catastrophe that occurred in this sector of the galaxy 75,000,000 years ago on a confederation of 76 planets — you know the rest of the story. The PDF below contains the plain text of the actual Flag contract:

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  1. Haven’t they denied that Xenu and that story is squirreled and false?
    How can they demand reimbursement for something they say is not true?

  2. And I thought they were just being kind and protecting us poor unenlightened souls from a certain death from pneumonia!

  3. Moral of the story, don’t sign Scientology’s legal docs, don’t give up your legal rights to sue them, don’t even do official Scientology.

    Just read up on Scientology, read the books on the subject, and the ex member’s books.

    Scientology’s word “Advanced” simply means exorcism. The “Advanced Orgs” (fake churches) of Scientology are where the first three exorcism levels of Scientology are secretly taught and practices.

    “Advanced” means exorcism, when Scientology uses the word.

    And Xenu dumped spirits or souls onto earth (the souls of humanoids from other planets out in the universe, brought to earth by Xenu, making earth this sort of soul dumping ground, so that today all humans, all of us, supposedly have extra spirits hitchhiking on us, in clumps and clusters, and these clusters of souls transmit by ESP their bad trauma craziness making us humans extra crazy, and only Scientology’s special “Advanced” exorcism will strip those Xenu dumped souls off of us.)

    Scientology’s big secret, is their exorcism, five long levels, and the first three of the five you do at the regional/continental “Advanced Organizations” (fake churches) of Scientology around the world.

    Go Xenu’s body-thetans! (Body-thetans is the other super taboo word, but all that body-thetans means is these souls that Xenu dumped onto earth, which infest us humans today, and only Scientology’s secret “Advanced Org” exorcism will begin to alleviate our extra souls problem we have, NOT.

    Chuck Beatty
    ex Team Xenu *Sea Org” 1975 to 2003

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