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$5850: The Updated 2022 Price for a New Scientology E-Meter with Cans, Carrying Case & Troubleshooting Kit

The 2022 price for the current Scientology e-meter is $5850. This includes the e-meter, cans, case, and the troubleshooting kit.

Scientology requires Scientologists to have two e-meters in case one breaks. The price for two is a whopping $11,700.

This latest e-meter has a clock chip in it that only permits one year of operation. After one year, the Scientologist must plug the meter into their computer and logon to the Religious Technology Center (RTC) website. RTC checks their records to see if they are in good standing with the Church of Scientology. If the Scientologist is in good standing, RTC’s computer resets the clock chip for another year. If the Scientologist has been reading entheta online or reading Mike Rinder or Tony Ortega’s blog, then the meter is shut off and becomes a useless paperweight.

Below: As we covered in our History of How Scientology’s E-Meter Came Into Existence, L. Ron Hubbard initially promoted the E-Meter as a tool that made Freudian psychotherapy workable. Hubbard soon thereafter viciously attacked Freud and Psychiatry. Indeed, Hubbard made the wholesale destruction of Psychiatry one of the central goals of the Church of Scientology.

In this 1953 article L. Ron Hubbard states that Scientology = Freudian Psychotherapy + the e-meter:

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  1. The “solo-electrodes” look suspiciously like something you may find at an adult toy store, a device also designed for “solo” activities. Other than the price tag, naturally.

  2. It’s really quite the progression from Book One auditing that endorsed couples auditing each other to the creation of the professional auditor, removal of auditing by any other means other than the eMeter, creation of the primo eMeter (the Mark V), DMs changes AND now DMs checkins. Just because you need his signature of approval because it’s so tough to figure this $@@@ out on your own and of course, religious freedom. Not only is this an addition to the already supposedly perfect eMeter, it’s also a major change which places an undue burden on these radical parishioners that make up the COS. I don’t believe that DM is supposed to be doing that and I don’t think stats will go up 😀

    Fun fact, an ESD mat grounded and connected to your wrist will do about the same thing so long as there is a charge.

    Well don’t mind me, I’m going to Halo dive like TC out of my Jumbo Jet – one take, no practice-that’s Scientology. Maybe I’ll buy the new eMeter when I fall flat on my face.

  3. I was a Scientologist from 1966 to 1975 and the e meter i remember it was housed in a wooden case and I thought it was much more attractive than the tawdry jet age looking meters of late. it was a hundred bucks. I still thought that was high because a simple electronic ohm-meter with its more robust Electronics than a Scientology e-meter goes for $35.

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