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Albert Einstein Manuscript Fetches $13 Million at Christie’s Auction; Signed L. Ron Hubbard Letter Offered on EBay for $700

L. Ron Hubbard wrote to his first wife Polly in 1936, “I have high hopes of smashing my name into history so violently that it will take a legendary form even if all books are destroyed.”

Fake nuclear physicist L. Ron Hubbard did indeed smash his name into cult history in a very bad way and for all the wrong reasons. And we can now put a price on it: A signed letter from Hubbard can be yours for $700 on eBay. The Hubbard letter comes with free shipping.

In the world of real physicists, Christie’s just sold a rare 54-page manuscript written by Albert Einstein and his best friend and colleague Michael Besso for $13 million. The manuscript contains calculations that lead to Einstein’s theory of relativity.

The L. Ron Hubbard letter on eBay:

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  1. Captain Macallan, The Great Scienbollocks Pimp and Intergallactic Savior, should buy it and place it in that wonderful El Bong Tribute museum that he will finish construction on any day now…It will bring in MILLIONS of ecstatic, enthusiastic humanoid meat-sacks who are already STARVING for his special brand of Hublardian Spititual Freedom. Experiencing the codified, potent theta of The Great Grifter contained in that letter may well generate numerous cases of IEC: Instant Ejaculatory Clears! Of course, all of that dramatic, spontaneous case gain will be definitively locked in when those millions donate millions to secure their reactive-mind-free eternities!
    Escape from The Dwindling Spiral, accelerated by a humble sheet of pure satan, er, theta…inked by LaFraudette Con Blubbard himself! THIS is the power of Sauce!😉

  2. Jeff,
    You know that people in the Standing Order Number 1 unit aboard the Apollo proposed the letter’s content and presented it to LRH to sign it. In the history of the SO #1 Unit there were times they did the actual signing of LRHs signature as well.
    Only the actual LRH originals at CST/Archives today are grounds to compare anything actually signed by LRH.
    I highly doubt the value of this letter nor its content nor the signature.
    Chuck Beatty

  3. Chuck is right. Because the subject is fairly generic — a response to a piece of “fan mail” from some cult member — the letter writing crew could easily have written this. There’s no evidence that Hubbard actually was responsible for the content. So this letter is most likely worthless.

    It would be interesting to find out why the owner of this letter thinks it’s worth $700. I don’t follow the autograph market, but I bet one could find a lot more interesting letters from a lot more interesting people for $700.

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