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Instant Karma: Scientology Boasts that it Handled the Pandemic; Tom Cruise Film Shut Down by Covid-19

As the US reopens, a collection of shameless braggarts a/k/a the Church of Scientology has been online engaging in its usual “we saved the world” hype. Scientology shows photos and videos of its yellow-jacketed minions fogging buildings, fleets of buses, and everything else with a corrosive chemical surfactant called Decon7.

Scientology boasts that it printed and distributed tens of millions of booklets on how to wash your hands, wear a mask, and the rest of the things the US Centers for Disease Control and Dr. Fauci were already telling people to do. Of course, Scientology does not share how it basically shut down like everyone else and its Orgs took 30 PPP loans totaling  $4 million.

Cruise, 58, just had to shut down production of MI:7 due to a positive Covid test among the crew. Tom apparently did not have Scientology fog the set of MI:7 with Decon7. Perhaps he failed to distribute Scientology booklets to his film crew? Of course, Tom Cruise may have gone PTS as hell to Mission Impossible itself after breaking his ankle on MI:6.

Where was the Scientology Decon7 Bio-Squad when Tom Cruise needed them most on the set of MI:7? They failed Tom Cruise. 

Tom Cruise already went on an Espectacular Diatriba in December 2020 when MI:7 crew failed to follow Covid protocols. How soon may we expect a repeat performance?

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  1. Instant karma’s gonna get you
    Gonna knock you right on the head
    Better get yourself together darlin’
    Join the human race
    How in the world ya gone see
    Laughing at fools like me

    Who on earth d’you think you are
    A super star?
    Well right you are

    Why in the world are we here ?
    Surely not to live in pain and fear

    Well, we all shine on
    Like the moon and the stars and the sun
    We all shine on

  2. Bomb Snooze: a phucking arrogant, deluded, self-centered, abusive, Hubbardian Asshat.
    Dude, do your karate chop run outta the cult. Regain some semblance of humanity before you
    “drop the body”.
    He takes himself waaaaay too seriously. What an insufferable prick!
    Rant over.

  3. Oh please. Spare us the lies about Tom Cruise. He is not saving anybody from anything. For Tom Cruise to claim he is saving the film industry is typical of his narcissistic personality which Scientology only deepens and empowers. Tom Cruise can’t even save a marriage and has three divorces. He refuses to see his daughter Suri.

    As for Mission Impossible: Paramount is suing its insurer for a $100 million payout:

    Will any of the “little people” Tom Cruise screamed at see a dime of that money? No. They will not. A film crew is just a means to an end for Tom Cruise.

    What the world needs to be saved from is Covid-19 and its variants. Scientists, doctors, and others on the front line in the pandemic are the real heroes in this battle.

    Another formulaic Mission Impossible film from Tom Cruise will not make one goddammed bit of real difference in the world.

    In the vast scheme of things Tom Cruise will die and be remembered as an actor who never won an Oscar and was commercially popular during his lifetime. He will also be remembered as a strange Scientologist who jumped up and down on Oprah’s sofa and ranted at Psychiatry.

  4. Sorry Chris. We do not allow our blog to be used for insane and baseless claims such as you posted here. Go create your own blog and post your conspiracy theories there.

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