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Scientologist Brent Jones Signs Consent Decree with US DoJ to Shut Down Real Water Following Toxic Contamination of Products

Scientologist Brent Jones and his son Blain Jones have signed a consent decree with the US Department of Justice to shut down Real Water. This consent decree effectively puts Real Water out of business. However, it does not end the civil lawsuits related to the injuries suffered by drinking the contaminated water. Most of the victims were children. One lawsuit alleges that a death was caused by the consumption of Real Water.

The Guardian reported on Real Water in late May 2021:

Federal authorities have ordered a complete recall of the Las Vegas-based bottled water brand Real Water and ordered the company to surrender records in investigations of at least one death and multiple cases of liver illness among people who reported drinking it.

The product is sold as premium alkalized drinking water in distinctive boxy blue bottles touting “E2 Electron Energized Technology.” Labels say it is “infused with negative ions” and offers healthy detoxifying properties.

The consent decree comes after Real Water sold contaminated water that resulted in several cases of acute non-viral hepatitis. This contamination lead to serious liver problems for many people who drank the contaminated water. CBS This Morning reported on Real Water on May 11, 2021:

Real Water was expensive to purchase and claimed it was a special type of modified water which, absurdly, was more bioavailable to the body and resulted in improved health. And yet a hidden video taken by an unknown person showed the deplorable and filthy conditions inside of Real Water’s Las Vegas bottling factory. Instead of using clean stainless steel pipes and storage tanks as are used in the bottling of consumer drinking products, Real Water shockingly used PVC pipes to bottle Las Vegas municipal water to which the company added a concentrate. The roll up doors in the bottling area were open and allowed all outside contaminants to enter the area. Packaging supplies were also strewn about. Real Water operated a filthy Third World operation:

The US Department of Justice Consent Decree signed by Real Water:

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  1. Thank you Jeffrey for this news. Shutting down a company with no shame & no conscience about selling very bad, tainted, bogus, dangerous water to all is past due.

    These Scientologists should feel the heat of lawsuits for years and years. Really pathetic and to me criminal behavior once again. 💔

  2. I’d like to see a consent decree shutting down the cult itself. Let the only thing left be the lawsuits against them and their “ethical” minions.

    Contamination, filth, hype, a fraudulent product created by “research” that can only be described as a farce, perpetuated under sweatshop conditions by trafficked workers whose passports have been confiscated. Worst of all, with what the water fraud did not even have, tax exemption.

    Hey, it’s all there! WTF is the holdup?

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