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Tony Ortega’s Outstanding Journalistic Summary of Recent Developments in the Danny Masterson Civil and Criminal Cases

The best and most authoritative long-term reporting on the Danny Masterson civil and criminals cases has been done by Tony Ortega. Indeed, Ortega did some quite stunning and powerful live court reporting on his blog during Danny Masterson’s preliminary criminal trial last week. We consider it a Master Class in live blogging on a high profile criminal case.

We highly recommend reading Ortega’s recent published summary to understand what happened in last week’s preliminary criminal trial of Masterson: Ten Days That Shook The (Scientology) World: Dave and Danny’s very bad predicament.

Masterson’s attorney Thomas Mesereau is so rattled by Ortega’s work that, during a break in the proceedings, he slapped Ortega with a subpoena for documents related to the Masterson case. Mesereau knows journalists are protected and California has a powerful shield law, but he is clearly afraid of Ortega and his reporting.

The local coverage in Los Angeles of Scientologist and actor Danny Masterson’s preliminary criminal trial was intense and widespread. The ABC 7 Los Angeles video posted above shows a keen understanding of Scientology and the relevant legal matters in the Masterson case. The LA Times also reported on the Masterson trial: Scientology’s secrets spill into open in Danny Masterson rape case.

Our comment on the Masterson criminal case which we posted at the Underground Bunker:

Thomas Mesereau significantly harmed Masterson’s case when he introduced Scientology’s Justice book. That was an extraordinary miscalculation at the prelim. Mesereau cannot make this go away as it has been admitted as People’s Exhibit 5. Mesereau doesn’t make many mistakes in a court room, but this one was massive.

Too bad Scientology can’t put Mesereau on a metered sec check to find his hidden evil purposes a/k/a “eve purps” to destroy Danny Masterson and Scientology.

In Hubbard’s logic, Mesereau is ruining his legal career, pulling it in, as the only way he has to stop himself from his decades-long pattern of continuous overts in which he defends rapists and pedophiles. In Scientology auditing, Mesereau would be asked what he is dramatizing: When was he arrested in a past life for the same acts he defends his clients for committing?

From a Scientological perspective, Mesereau ran this self-destructive pattern on Bill Cosby in order to destroy both himself and Cosby. And now he is running the same destructive pattern on himself and Danny Masterson.

I mention this Scientology perspective to show how the Clan Masterson and OSA are looking at what the hell just happened. Danny Masterson was supposed to walk away from the prelim as a free man exonerated in a court of law. The great and all-powerful Tom Mesereau was supposed to get all of the charges dismissed.

Scientology’s faith in the most expensive wog lawyers to save them from the consequences of their own actions has just been shattered.

The Clan Masterson and OSA’s only way of explaining it is to tell themselves that Thomas Mesereau is secretly out to destroy Danny and Scientology. Soon enough, OSA will ask if Mesereau was sent in and investigate his connections to Big Pharma or Psychiatry. If they look hard enough, they will find connections. Paranoia always finds all the evidence it needs in the form of apophenia and confirmation bias.

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  1. “The Klan, oops, Clan Masterson”😂
    Ah, couldn’t happen to a sleazier, scummier, santorum-splattered dirt-bag!
    The Aryan Nation, 10 Percenters, and MS-13 are already negotiating celebrity ass-tappin’ privileges in cellblock 47…

  2. Thank you Jeffrey. Tony is a Treasure and a magnificent reporter.💛

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