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Marci Hamilton Esq. ~ Petition to the US Supreme Court Regarding Scientology’s Demand to Compel Valerie Haney Into Religious Arbitration

Marci Hamilton Esq.

The renowned legal religious scholar and attorney Marci Hamilton has petitioned the US Supreme Court to consider the case of her client Valerie Haney being ordered by the California Appeals Court to submit to Scientology’s religious arbitration:

Whether, under the First Amendment, a court may
subject a person who has rejected the faith to participate
in a religious “arbitration” where arbiters must be
members of that religion in good standing and must
apply religious principles to resolve a dispute involving
violations of civil law.

Coincident with this petition to the US Supreme Court, the California Supreme Court granted a review of the questions raised by a lower court ordering Danny Masterson’s rape victims into Scientology arbitration. Tony Ortega reported on the matter.

Marci Hamilton’s Petition:

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