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“10 Things You Need To Know About The Cult of Scientology” – Podcast with Derek Lambert and Jeffrey Augustine

MythVision Podcast published May 8, 2021 by Derek Lambet. We ask you to please like and subscribe to Derek’s channel.

Synopsis: Derek Lambert interviews Jeffrey Augustine about the Four Evil Scientology Contracts all Scientologists must sign. These unconscionable contracts strip Scientologists of all of their legal and civil rights and give the Church of Scientology all the power.

Jeffrey Augustine was once a Scientologist and is married to Karen de la Carriere who was one of the top members of the organization. She worked directly with L Ron Hubbard and her and Jeff work daily exposing this cult for all it’s harm and legal issues.

The author of this blog is Jeffrey Augustine, a long time critic of the Church of Scientology who often writes under the pen name of J. Swift. Please direct all correspondence to him at

Jeffrey Augustine is married to Karen de la Carriere, a former Scientology Class XII C/S who served aboard the Apollo with L. Ron Hubbard. They live in Los Feliz, California.

Karen’s Surviving Scientology YouTube Channel

Jeffrey Augustine’s Surviving Scientology Radio Podcasts.

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  1. Excellent!

    I knew some of the 10 Things, but not the “empty” part!

    Jeffrey did a wonderful comparison to the new CO$ to Costco.

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