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Scientology Los Angeles: Preying on the Fear of Death in the Pandemic

More than one thousand people each day line up to receive their COVID vaccinations at the Kaiser Permanente medical facility in Hollywood. Located on the corner of Sunset Blvd and L. Ron Hubbard Way, the medical facility is situated directly across the street from Scientology’s PAC Base.

Under California law only those over 65 years of age and health care workers can receive the vaccine due to limited supplies. This will change as more doses become available. Nevertheless, Scientology has taken advantage of the present situation to target seniors. Scientology has done so by hanging a large and ghoulish banner across LRH Way which reads:


Everyone lining up on the sidewalk for a vaccination sees the Scientology banner. It is unavoidable. These same people know the brutal and gruesome reality: One way the coronavirus kills is by severely damaging the lungs and shutting down a person’s breathing. Scientology’s use of the term “brief breath” could therefore act as a subliminal trigger for some. For others it would serve as a direct and terrifying threat: You are only a brief breath away from eternity, from death.

Knowing and experiencing Scientology’s malicious behavior across decades, we see Scientology’s banner as an intentional act calculated to scare vulnerable people into considering Scientology. “You will die sooner or later,” the Scientology banner explicitly reminds senior citizens lined up to get vaccinated. “Only Scientology can save you,” the banner implies. This creepy Scientology banner is directly targeted at the elderly and the fear of death.

Scientology will use sex, death, fear, or anything else to extract money from people. “Find their ruin” L. Ron Hubbard taught. Hubbard wanted Scientologists to engage in laser-precise psychological targeting of a person’s vulnerabilities. This form of predation is designed to put “new bodies in the shop” as Hubbard so disparagingly called new members. The banner on LRH Way is a craven Scientology targeting strategy aimed at senior citizens and the fear of death.

Scientology predation at the scene of natural disasters and mass shootings is well-known and documented. This predation is carried out by Scientology’s Volunteer Ministers. Now we see PAC Base engaging in psychological predation by taking advantage of its location next to a hospital vaccination center in the midst of a global pandemic. This is how depraved the Church of Scientology actually is.

The story gets worse: There is very little public parking in the area around Pac Base and the hospital. Rather than allowing the general public to park on L. Ron Hubbard Way to help the elderly and front line health care workers get their vaccinations, Scientology refused to help. The hospital is limited to using public parking and a very small part of LRH way next to its facility. We have outlined the Kaiser hospital parking on LRH Way in red; the rest of L. Ron Hubbard Way remains empty as Scientology will not help:

Despite Scientology’s unwillingness to help the local community with parking, the Org was bright and shiny and ready to recruit “raw meat wogs” off the street and turn them into the Master Race of Scientology Homo Novis:

“Raw meat wogs” is L. Ron Hubbard’s term for non-Scientologists. Hubbard and Scientology see non-Scientologists as raw meat, i.e. potential new sources of income for the rapine wealth extraction scheme that is the Church of Scientology. This is just part of the utter contempt in which Scientologists hold non-Scientologists.

PAC Base was recently opened after six months of being boarded up. Despite the reopening, Scientology blew it. PAC Base had an opportunity to open up LRH Way for parking to help local seniors with parking to get their vaccinations. The permits would be easy to obtain as PAC Base routinely gets permits to close LRH Way. This simple courtesy was not extended by PAC Base.

The fact is that Scientology does not actually do much of anything to help the local community. What Scientology does is to help itself. In 2020, for example, Scientology helped itself to $4 million in PPP loans while keeping many of its Orgs and other facilities boarded up.

Scientology’s IAS slush fund is estimated to have >$1.5 billion in cash reserves, but why should Scientology dip into reserves when it can take taxpayer-funded loans — and this while it pays no taxes! Despite taking from taxpayers, Scientology Los Angeles says no to local taxpayers: No you cannot park on our street when you go to get your vaccination!

Bottom Line: Scientology was pushing the “fear of death” button while sending the message “Stay off our street!” Such mixed messages are typical of Scientology:

What Scientology says: Something can be done about it.
What Scientology does: Take $4 million in PPP loans when it has >$1.5 billion in IAS reserves.

What Scientology says: We are the most ethical group on the planet.
What Scientology does: Cover up for alleged serial rapist Danny Masterson.

What Scientology says: We believe in religious freedom.
What Scientology does: Force rape victims into secret religious arbitrations where the victims cannot have a lawyer with them.

What Scientology says: Claims to have helped in the pandemic by passing out brochures on hand-washing, social distancing, and wearing masks.
What Scientology does: Refuses to help senior citizens with parking while getting their COVID vaccines.

The list of Scientology lies and hypocrisies could easily max out a 100 TB hard drive.

The Church of Scientology has preyed on seniors before. The case of  Efrem Logreira comes to mind. See Tony Ortega’s article: Scientology used an ice cream ‘date’ to run up $20,000 on senior’s credit cards. This is the story of Scientology using young female Sea Org members to flatter and ply a 75-year-old man into going $75,000 into credit card debt for Scientology courses he did not want. Efrem lived on a fixed income. There was no way he could make even the minimum monthly payments on $75,000 in credit card debt. Scientology did not care if the old man had to go bankrupt as it had gotten his money. Thankfully, attorney Graham Berry stepped in and represented Efrem.

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  1. It makes me sick what this cult gets away with – thank you Jeffrey for exposing them, at least you’re trying.

  2. In the cult language originated by the Commode Door himself:
    “We’ll key ya in, then key ya out…for the nominal fee of all your material and psychological assets!”

    Cha ching! Nothing communicates “spiritual freedom” like a church with a CASHIER!

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