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Leah Remini & Mike Rinder Podcast: The Welfare Check on Heber Jentzsch

When a family member who was never a Scientologist attempted to conduct a welfare check on her uncle former scientology President, Heber Jentzsch, who reports say is sick, being tortured and not seen in public for over 10 years, she immediately became the target of Fair Game. She tells the story to Leah and Mike.

When this welfare check happened in 2018, the Church of Scientology sent a private investigator to our home. Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs was investigating the welfare check of Heber Jentzsch that was initiated by Heber’s niece Tammy.

Karen de la Carriere had been married to Heber Jentzsch and so she was on OSA’s radar. PI Rebecca Dobkin claimed to us that Heber had been placed into the back of a Sheriff’s police car during the welfare check. As a consequence of this alleged act by Sheriff’s deputies, Heber was contemplating a lawsuit for harassment. This made no sense to us. We didn’t believe Dobkin at all. Sheriff’s Deputies would not place an 82 year old man into the back of a squad car during an adult welfare check.

After Dobkin’s visit we immediately called Captain Leonard Purvis of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office. He was very professional and polite. Captain Purvis told us that Dobkin’s assertion was not true: Heber was never placed into the back of a police car by Sheriff’s deputies.

What Dobkin was doing was using one of Scientology’s pretexts of “prelitigation investigation” to engage in harassment. Nothing came of Dobkin’s visit other than her visit being documented in social media.

Tony Ortega covered this story on his blog:


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