The Scientology Money Project

Part of the High Cost of Scientology: Bail Totals for Scientologists Awaiting Criminal Trials

Bond totals for Scientologists awaiting their criminal trials. This speaks to the culture of crime and the cover ups of crime within the Church of Scientology: 

1. Danny Masterson:  Three Counts of Felony Rape. $3,300,000 bond.

2. Dr. Dennis Nobbe: Healthcare fraud, money laundering. $200,000 bond.

3. Leo Hamel: Illegal gun sales. $250,000 bond.

4. Hanan Islam:  MediCal Fraud. $250,000 bond.

5. Rizza Islam: MediCal Fraud. $100,000 bond.

6. Jeffrey Spina: Medicare Fraud. $200,000 bond.

7. Jay Spina: Medicare Fraud. $200,000 bond.

8. Kim Spina: Medicare Fraud. $100,000 bond.

* Michael Cohn:  Obstruction of Justice charge related to his employment at Scientologist-owned GPB Capital. $250,000 bond.

Total: $4,500,000 in bonds for Scientologists out on bond awaiting criminal trial.

* Although Michael Cohn is not a Scientologist we include him in the total as his arrest occurred in the course of his obtaining employment at GPB Capital Holdings.

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