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Scientologist Elisabeth Moss: Handmaid’s Tale Posters Converted Into a Call for Justice for the Victims of Danny Masterson

Los Feliz, California) The posters for Scientologist Elisabeth Moss’ show The Handmaid’s Tale at the corner of Western & Franklin have been powerfully recast into a call for justice for the victims of Danny Masterson.

The posters are only a few blocks from Scientology’s Celebrity Centre.

The LAPD Detectives who kept the Masterson investigation Downtown were smart. They kept the case away from LAPD Hollywood which, to its utter discredit, has been in Scientology’s pocket for decades.

The local community knows that LAPD Hollywood cannot to be trusted when it comes to anything concerning the Church of Scientology.

Thanks to our neighbor John Roecker for the photos.

LA Sheriff’s Booking Sheet on Masterson. The Scientologist and actor has been charged with three felony counts of rape. Masterson was released from jail after posting a $3.3 million dollar bond.


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  1. All the OTs, auditors, super powers,sea orgers, assisters, nor Dave Miscavage hisself, couldn’t save poor Kelly. Pity!

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