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The Arrest of Danny Masterson on Rape Charges Highlights the Fraud of Scientology’s Bogus “Human Rights” Front Groups

 2014: Scientologists Dr. Mary Shuttleworth, Danny Masterson, Jenna Elfman, Marisol Nichols, and Jason Dohring appear at an event for Scientology’s phony front group The Foundation for a Slavery Free World.

The Church of Scientology operates several phony front groups. Over the years, Danny Masterson has regularly appeared at events held by these front groups in the guise of an humanitarian. As seen in the photo above, in 2014 Danny Masterson made an appearance along with other celebrity Scientologists at one of Scientology’s bogus front groups called “The Foundation for a Slavery Free World.” At this time, the Church of Scientology was well aware of the numerous rape allegations against Masterson.

Scientology celebrity Marisol Nichols is the Executive Director of the Foundation for a Slavery Free World. This group decries the commercial sexual exploitation of children and yet the Church Scientology, despite its knowledge of the numerous rape allegations against Masterson — allegations which are now criminal charges — allowed Masterson to make an appearance. The hypocrisy is stunning: Why did Scientology permit Danny Masterson, of all people, to appear at an event which supposedly opposes sexual exploitation?

Likewise, despite the known rape allegations against the actor, Scientology officials also permitted Masterson to appear along with his fellow Scientologist celebrities at a Celebrity Center fundraiser for the LAPD:

Accused serial rapist Danny Masterson has regularly appeared at Scientology’s “Youth for Human Rights” front group events. The concept of human rights within the Church of Scientology is appalling when we consider that Scientology uses child labor in its Sea Org; subjects Sea Org members to brutal working conditions; and reduces Sea Org members to a state of penury. Indeed, given the four evil contracts all Scientologists must sign which strips them of their legal and civil rights within the Church of Scientology, the notion that human rights exist at all within Scientology is a complete and utter lie.

Danny Masterson’s victims were ruthlessly stripped of their human rights and subjected to a brutal and years-long campaign of psycho-terrorism known as Scientology Fair Game. Danny Masterson knew of this campaign of psycho-terrorism. He participated in it through his lawyers and the Church of Scientology. And yet Masterson has the sociopathic shamelessness to present himself to the public as a humanitarian:

Sexual predator Danny Masterson poses as a Scientology humanitarian.

Following the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard, Danny Masterson has openly railed against psychiatric abuses even as he and the Church of Scientology conspired to cover up the rape allegations of which he was accused and now stands charged.

Danny Masterson’s arrest on serious sexual felonies puts the lie to his claim to be a humanitarian. Like Bill Cosby before him, Masterson sought the accolades of being presented as an humanitarian in order to conceal the monstrous secrets he was hiding with the assistance of his Church.

This article from the National Post was one of many media outlets that carried the story of Scientology’s complicity in covering up the rape allegations against Masterson made by former members of the Church of Scientology:

As the intensifying rape allegations continued to engulf Masterson, the actor was fired in 2017 by Netflix and his character was written out of The Ranch. Masterson blamed the #MeToo movement and the attention and pressure Leah Remini had brought to bear on the rape allegations against Masterson made by his victims. At the time, Masterson made a statement to the HuffPost’s Yashar Ali on the matter:

“I am obviously very disappointed in Netflix’s decision to write my character off of ‘The Ranch.’ From day one, I have denied the outrageous allegations against me. I have never been charged with a crime, let alone convicted of one,” Masterson said in a statement provided to HuffPost by his attorney.

The statement continued: “In this country, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty. However, in the current climate, it seems as if you are presumed guilty the moment you are accused. I understand and look forward to clearing my name once and for all.”

Danny Masterson will now have to attempt to clear his name in a criminal trial. Masterson’s trial will undoubtedly be held on the 9th Floor of the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center where LA’s high profile criminal cases are conducted.


Just as the Church of Scientology has worked since the early 2000’s to cover up the rape allegations against Danny Masterson, Scientology has likewise for decades engaged in using unwary non-Scientology celebrities,  political officials, and particularly police departments to create the impression that these people somehow endorsed Scientology. This is nowhere more evident that in Scientology’s infiltration of police departments by use of its anti-drug pamphlets:

One of Scientology’s long-term PR goals has been to get photos of smiling police officers holding its anti-drug pamphlets. These pamphlets are deceptive inasmuch as they are not clearly labeled as having come from the Church of Scientology. These PR photos are used by Scientology in its literature even as Scientology works to cover up and silence the sexual abuse, rape, and pedophilia that occurs inside the Church.

Scientology sexual predator Danny Masterson has appeared at numerous Scientology events where LAPD sworn personnel were present. Even as Masterson spoke out against the use of street drugs or promoted his fraudulent humanitarianism, he himself was actively trying to destroy his victims who courageously came forward to expose him as a rapist. Masterson’s “Church” aided and abetted this behavior.


The most notorious recent effort of Scientology to use unwitting celebrities as pawns occurred when Mike Rinder’s daughter Taryn Teutsch cynically sought to exploit the #MeToo movement. A member of the Sea Org, Taryn Teutsch engaged in her fraudulent PR campaign to convince the public that her father Mike Rinder had physically harmed her mother during an Scientology ambush of Rinder. Scientology’s logic was transparent in this Fair Game smear campaign: If Taryn could get Mike fired as co-host of Leah Remini’s Scientology and the Aftermath show, then the Church of Scientology could jump in and announce that Leah Remini had hired an abuser, was therefore a horrible person, and her show was false.

We extensively documented Teutsch’s phony and cynical social media fraud. For example, as the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office official report established, there was no crime, no assault, and no victim. What the report established is that a large group of Scientologists accosted Mike Rinder in a Florida parking lot. See our first article for details of what actually happened and what Taryn Teutsch withheld from the public in her false narrative.

Taryn Teutsch’s fraudulent allegations against her father culminated in her arranging to get a photo of herself speaking with Gretchen Carlson, the former news anchor who was at the center of the #MeToo movement. Teutsch used this photo on Twitter:

As we reported on the matter, when informed that her name and image had been misappropriated by an agent of the Church of Scientology, Gretchen Carlson’s response was to ask how to get her picture taken down from Taryn’s Twitter account:

Taryn Teutsch’s fake PR campaign speaks to the same Church of Scientology pattern of deception and cover up that protected Danny Masterson for too long. While the wheels of justice turned slowly, they turned surely and now Danny Masterson stands charged with three felony charges of rape.

Scientology engaged in this same sort of misleading PR tactic to raise money in the days following 9/11. In a now infamous image, Scientology colorized its Volunteer Minister and made all of the true first responders at Ground Zero fade into shades of gray. In doing so the Church of Scientology was seeking to co-opt 9/11 for its own venal fundraising purposes:

The lesson here is that no one should ever take anything the Church of Scientology says or does at face value. This applies as well to Scientology’s phony front groups, celebrity members, and its rank and file members. Tom Cruise showed us his true nature as a Scientologist in a leaked video. Scientology’s attempts to remove this video from the internet spurred Anonymous into action and led to a series of massive protests against the fascist Scientology cult, the same group that has been fighting since the early 2000’s to protect Danny Masterson from the rape charges he now faces.

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  1. Really great reporting. I found it sickening of how true it was and that Scientology gets away with so much criminal activity. When will it be enough to revoke their tax exemption?!!!

  2. I ask the same question as you do Brian. And I know how you personally suffer the pain of Disconnection because the toxic and soul-killing system of Scientology has forbid your daughter from speaking to you. I highly recommend that people read your website Scientology Hostage.

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