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Nation of Islam Western Regional Leader Tony Muhammad Goes Clear in Scientology

Tony Muhammad a/k/a Abdul Malik Sayyid of the Nation of Islam went Clear at Flag on March 16, 2020. Alfreddie Johnson posted the news the same day. According to our record-keeping, it took Tony Muhammad fourteen years to attain the State of Clear. Tony Muhammad’s good friend Alfreddie Johnson went Clear in 2014, this after joining Scientology in the late 1980’s or early 1990’s.

The first we recall seeing Tony Muhammad in a Scientology context was in this 2006 Scientology magazine article in which he appeared as an unnamed “Representative of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam.” Muhammad praised L. Ron Hubbard as a, “saint and an angelic figure sent to us by the Creator himself.”

Alfreddie Johnson brought Tony Muhammad into the Nation of Islam. Tony Muhammad, in turn, influenced Mr. Farrakhan to receive auditing at the Scientology Celebrity Centre in Hollywood. Mr. Farrakhan called Scientologist Alfreddie Johnson on May 15, 2009 and asked him to set up a meeting between the Nation of Islam and Scientology officials.

Controversy ensued in the Nation of Islam over Scientology. Mr. Farrakhan put down the controversy by ordering NOI members to do Dianetics courses or forfeit any chance for leadership in the Nation. Since that time, reports from within NOI state that 4,000 members have done the “Book One” course. “Book One” is the Scientology shorthand used to refer L. Hubbard’s book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health. In the Book One course, one learns about the reactive mind, engrams, and Dianetics auditing procedures used to erase engrams and thereby erase the reactive mind itself. The erasure of the reactive mind results in the State of Clear.

The Anti-Semitism of the Nation of Islam has never been objected to, or even mentioned by, the Church of Scientology or its leader David Miscavige. Scholar Donald Westbrook of Claremont Graduate University utterly fails to mention the Nation of Islam’s anti-Semitism in his 2017 work The Scientology Handbook. The Church of Scientology and the Nation have achieved some sort of unspoken agreement never to speak of this matter. Denial is called a “Not-Isness” in Scientology because everyone acts like a thing that exists is a not-is.

How much does it cost to go Clear in Scientology? A recent ad from the Tampa Org places the cost at $27,500. One would be a fool to take the $27,500 as a guaranteed price. It often happens that a person has problems in auditing and so has to purchase extra intensives to handle some unforeseen matter related to a past life, some occluded part of their case, an intractable engram, etc.

The Clear Cognition is this: I mocked up my reactive mind. One goes Clear when they realize that, as a thetan, they had been unconsciously mocking up their reactive mind. Going Clear is the cessation of this unconscious automaticity of mocking up the reactive mind. The underlying mechanism of unconscious and compulsive self-creation of the reactive mind is seen and blown apart by the force of realization. Or at least this is how we can best explain going Clear from an Eastern framework. Unlike Eastern transcendentalism, however, going Clear forces one deeper into a hard and fixed ego-identity as a Scientologist. This is why Scientology is not at all like Buddhism and will never be anything like Buddhism. Once one goes Clear, they must then move onto the OT levels and this drives a person deeper into an identity as a Scientology OT. In Eastern terms, the goal of going up Scientology’s Bridge is a form of attachment, of seeking. Attachment, the compulsive seeking to attain OT VIII no matter the cost, can be understood as one of the causes of suffering in Scientology.

The price to go Clear also varies depending upon the particular Org and how much Scientology one purchases. We know people who spent over $100,000 in Scientology and never went Clear. Conversely, people who co-audited long ago told us they did it for less than $20,000. And of course, there are very few Clears in the Sea Org as they exist to work. Only dilettantish publics have the time to get audited all day long.

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  1. It seems to me this is where dumb meets dumber. Why has not more of the news media and other religious leaders not addressed the hate toward the Jewish people and religion from these disgraces is beyond me.

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