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Scientology in Pakistan: Dianetics Islamabad

The Dianetics Center of Islamabad, Pakistan is managed by Los Angeles Scientologists Marijke and Zahid Qureshi. Why Dianetics Islamabad cannot be trusted to have local management raises serious concerns: Why doesn’t Scientology senior management trust local Pakistani Dianeticists to run their own Dianetics center?

Dianetics Islamabad is using Scientology’s deceptive human rights program in an attempt to infiltrate Pakistan. Marijke Qureshi is pictured below (center) at a Scientology human rights event in Pakistan this past April:

Marijke Qureshi made a video for Scientology’s website in which she fawned over and praised David Miscavige. She and her husband Zahid are associated with Scientology’s Burbank mission according to the video she made.

The obligatory photo of Scientology ambassador Marijke Qureshi holding a copy Scientology’s The Way to Happiness is included on the Dianetics Islamabad website:

Scientology’s operations in Pakistan also include its covert front group called Youth Together for Human Rights Education (YTHRE).

Like all of Scientology, YTHRE is engaged in habitual and endless fundraising. In the case of  YTHRE, there is an emotional appeal to sponsor the education of a Pakistani child. The missing apostrophe in “Childs” indicates that the adult who wrote this needs literacy training as well:

YTHRE uses L. Ron Hubbard Study Tech to indoctrinate Pakistani children into Scientology. This includes word clearing, clay demos, and the use of Scientology’s anti-drug pamphlets, the answer to which is always Scientology’s medically dangerous Purification Rundown.

Pakistani Fareeda Abbasi is working with YTHRE at her Greenhouse Education Centre. Abbassi and YTHRE continually are seeking to raise money. This operation reminds us of Alfreddie Johnson and Hanan Islam’s failed World Literacy Crusade. The one major difference we noted was that the Greenhouse Education Centre hires Montessori-certified teachers. This suggests that Greenhouse is not 100% onboard with Study Tech but is comfortable enough to use it. There may also be a hope that wealthy Scientologists will donate money to the school.

The Scientology fundraising and PR technique of using photos of children holding Scientology literature for fundraising goes on at length at YTHRE’s Facebook page. Each time a photo is shown a request for money is made.

YTHRE wants donations and lists all of the ways in which people can donate (see below). This banking information shows us yet another part of the Scientology money trail. It also shows us that Dianetics Islamabad is also quite willing to engage in discrimination as donated monies can be restricted to Muslim children only. This is completely at odds with Scientology’s Human Rights campaign in which it calls for all forms of religious discrimination to cease. This religious discrimination also violates the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights that Scientology is so fond of promoting, this even as it systematically strips its members of their human rights by its use of malicious contracts of adhesion.

Direct Bank Deposit:
Account For Zakat Money [Restricted Funds Spent only on Muslims]
Account Title: Youth Together For Human Rights Education
Account No: 20311-714-319801
Branch Code: 12
Swift Code: MPBLPKKA012
National Bank of Pakistan
Bank Name: Habib Metropolitan Bank
IBAN Account # PK82MPBL0112027140319801

Account For All Donations Except Zakat Money:
Account Title: Youth Together For Human Rights Education
Account No: 4100390290
Branch Code: 1027
Bank Name: National Bank of Pakistan
IBAN Account # PK46NBPA1027004100390290

In 2017, the Habib Bank was fined $225 million and ordered by US regulators to close its US operations. Reason: Laundering money for Al-Qaeda. Dianetics Islamabad uses this bank as shown above. The Church of Scientology doesn’t care so long as it gets its cut of the money from Dianetics Islamabad. The headline from the New York State Department of Financial Services press release:


Why is the American Scientology Cult freely allowed to operate in Pakistan where Christians are routinely murdered under the country’s extremist blasphemy laws? We have our theory on this and it goes to Scientology’s strange connections to Dubai, Syria, Iraq and other places in the Middle East.

We previously covered how Iraqi Scientologist Ali Shawkat and his father Mudhar Shawkat, a former member of Parliament in that county, took $140 million out of Iraq. The money was of such dubious provenance that Appleby’s in London refused to take it on deposit. It was only after some unknown behind the scenes activities that Appleby’s took the money. $5 million of the Shawkat money was donated to the IAS. Another $14 million was invested in Matt Feshbach’s Okyanos Heart Institute in the Bahamas. Feshbach sold Okyanos under odd circumstances.

In 2017 we found Ali and Mudhar Shawkat in the Panama Papers along with fellow Scientologists Bob Duggan and Michael Holstein:

Scientologist Alfreddie Johnson and his fellow Scientologists opened a company called Ameribest in Dubai:

Scientologist Grant Cardone was recently in Dubai as he tweeted:

Bottom line: Keep an eye on Scientology operations in the Middle East.

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  1. Since Scientology aims to make the able more able, I find it odd that they are trying to raise money for street children to go to school. Isn’t that against doctrine?

  2. The money being raised is to pay for the salaries of the teachers and staff at the school. This is about the adults getting a paycheck and the kids are the means to an end. As Scientology is associated, the Cult will take its 10% cut (or more) for licensing LRH Study Tech.

    Never take anything a Scientologist, or the Church, says or does at face value. Always look for the money, scam, or the cover up.

  3. Scientology never works according to its policies. They break any rule moral or L.Ron.Hubbard’s to get what they want. I am a witness to it.

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