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From a contributor:

Russian Scientologist Maria Sidorova found guilty of fraud and sentenced to 6 years in a correctional labor facility. Sidorova headed “Vash Dom” (“Your Home”), a St. Petersburg area company that sold yet-to-be-built dream dwellings, but instead embezzled 155.5 million rubles (over 2.4 million USD). Sidorova’s father, Alexander Sidorov, and his ex-wife, Elena Vlasova, both Scientologists, were also involved in the scheme to defraud homebuyers.

A Russian Article Translated from the Russian using Google Translation:

July 5, 2019 3:45 pm

The Krasnogvardeisky District Court sentenced Maria Sidorova to six years in prison, finding her guilty of fraud. According to investigators, her father and his ex-spouse also took part in the criminal conspiracy.

According to the Joint Press Service of St. Petersburg courts on July 5, no later than December 2011, Sidorova, her father, as well as his ex-spouse Vlasova, developed a criminal plan aimed at stealing funds from shareholders who invested in the construction of low-rise apartment buildings.
The construction was organized by a group of companies controlled by accomplices, united under the common name “Your House Group of Companies”. It consisted of MPO “Your House”, RPO “Your House”, HBC: “Azure Palace”, “Manor at the Lake”, “Wonderful Valley”, “Northern Manor”, ​​“Homestead in Pines”, “Baron Korf”, “ Sunny Cascade “,” Castle of Scandinavia “and” Marvelous Yar.”

It turned out that Sidorov has friends from among the members of the Scientology organization founded by Ron Hubbard. Based on the experience of Scientologists, he studied the scope of low-rise construction, developed the concept of attracting citizens’ money within the “Your House” project, based on the principles of consumer cooperation, which involves the construction of buildings at the expense of citizens.


Crimes by Russian Scientologists are nothing new.


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  1. OK. They embezzled money for the profit of scientology (which wasn’t entirely clear from your article, but clear from the video).

    However, whenever the Russian justice system is involved, I’d like to have more detailed information… Really more detailed information… (Doesn’t mean they’re wrong, just that I do not trust them all that much…)

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