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The Church of Scientology Sees Bigots Hiding Under Every Bed

The Scream by Edvard Munch, 1893

The Church of Scientology screams “bigot” or “hate” each and every time its depraved machinations are exposed. Scientology uses this tactic to deflect attention away from its massive human rights violations, pathological lying, and money-grubbing criminal behavior.

A survey of Scientology’s STAND League propaganda website — which was created solely to attack Leah Remini’s show Scientology and the Aftermath — shows forty headlines in articles in which the words “bigot”,  “bigotry”, “hate” or “hatred” are used. In many cases, these are articles are written by fake stock photo Scientologists that are not real people: Alicia Selverson and Rebecca Blair are two examples. Conversely, the real leader of Scientology does not speak out and instead the contemptible coward David Miscavige remains in hiding.

The list of powerful and legitimate companies the Scientology cult attacks as bigots and haters includes Disney, A&E, HuffPo, The Federalist, The Hollywood Reporter, and The Tampa Bay Times. Unlike Scientology whose stock in trade is slander, libel, smear, sleaze and outright lies, these reputable companies vet their stories on Scientology and are responsible media organizations.

Here are the forty hysterical headlines from Scientology’s STAND League website:
1.—The New Mouthpiece for Leah Remini, American Bigot-at-Large?
2. The Accidental Bigot
3. Confessions of a Bigot
4. One Method of Handling a Bigot
5. Bigot-at-large Housed at
6. Is Disney Now the “Bigot” Network?
7. The Rabbi and the Bigot—A Story of Redemption
8. Gridiron Capital Siding with Bigot Remini?
9. Expose the Bigot
10. Frank Scheck Meets All Criteria of a Religious Bigot
11.—Wake Up! Don’t Forward the Agenda of a Proven Bigot
12. Tracey McManus of Tampa Bay Times—a Shameless Bigot
13. Bigot Mike Rinder to Headline Again for Disney/A&E Networks
14. Lenscrafters, Tell Your Ad Agency to Skip A&E Bigot Central
15. IPC—Funding Leah Remini’s Bigot Show Should Not Be Part of Your Resume
16. Hollywood Reporter Caught with Puff Piece for Bigot Leah Remini
17. LinkedIn—It Can’t Be True, You’re Supporting Pro Bigot Leah Remini? 18. Five Easy Ways to Tell If Your Post Is Bigoted
19., Instead of Promoting Lies About Scientology, Why Not Get The Truth?
20. Nestlé, Please Tell A&E You Are Unwilling to Support Their Religious Hate Programming
21.A&E pouring hatred against Scientology
22. Huff Post, Posting Hateful Bigotry is Unacceptable
23. Horrible Bigotry at HuffPost
24., You Still Don’t Get the Message on Religious Bigotry
25. Religious bigotry and discrimination rampant at NBC
26. Cheatsheet, Cover the Truth About Leah Remini’s Religious Discrimination
27. The Federalist: Your article is anti-religious and bigoted
28. What Is It That Bigots Hate? That You Communicate.
29. Bigotry of Hemant Mehta’s at
30. A&E–Profiting Off Religious Hate Campaign
31. Disney should look into A&E Networks’ Leah Remini Aftermath
32. Tampa Bay Times Harboring Bigotry and Discrimination
33. Michael Rubin, IPC’s Funding of Religious Hate Is an Injustice
34. Applebee’s—No More Support for Religious Bigotry
35. Twenty Minutes From Hate
36. Stop Hate—Don’t Discriminate
37. Stop Religious Hate Before It’s Too Late
38. What I’ve Learned About Bigotry as an Arab-American Scientologist
39. Haters Gonna Hate
40. An Inside Look at Fighting Televised Bigotry

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  1. Mindblowing! I hope people realize this website is for the sole purpose of attacking Aftermath and A&E and everyone involved .They don’t care about actual bigotry. Infuriating and despicable!

    Definition of bigot. : a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (such as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance.

    The church of $cientology is among the most bigoted groups in the world. Perhaps that’s the main attraction between themselves and the NOI?

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