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Breaking News: Scientology Seeks to Make Money Off the Dead High School Students in Texas

Less than twelve hours ago ten high school students were murdered by 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis, the gunman in the mass shooting at Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, Texas. An additional ten students were wounded.

As the tweet above shows, Scientology’s front group Concerned Citizens for Human Rights (CCHR) is already on social media seeking to raise money on the backs of the ten dead students. This shocking act of depravity shows just how predatory and greedy and callous the Church of Scientology actually is. This is one of the most obscene acts ever engaged in by Scientology. Teenagers have been murdered in cold blood and Scientology is asking for money.

Scientology breaks up families; bankrupts and enslaves it own members; covers up rape and child sexual abuses; and now seeks to raise money off dead high school students. Scientology did the exact same thing following the Virginia Tech mass shooting.

The Church of Scientology has an estimated $1.5 billion in cash in its IAS slush fund. Why does Scientology need to raise money any at all? If Scientology believes so strongly in its message it could spend $100 million on the problem it believes is the cause of mass shootings. But Scientology never puts its money where its mouth is. Instead, it sticks its hand out and uses every mass shooting and natural disaster to raise money. This is because Scientology is a lying, greedy, psychopathic, and malicious Cult whose God is money.

The IRS needs to step in and revoke Scientology’s tax exemption.

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  1. This careless audacity is sickening to any human. They must support The David Miscavige discretionary slush fund, or be confined to hard labor, rice and beans, no joke.

    The Money Cult.

    One has to wonder why he doesn’t get out of town while the gettins good? It must be the power trip is all l can figure.

    Some witinin the IRS must know of these goings on, the facts, all the reports, likely thousands of allegations, but nothing is done…?

  2. A commission for human rights, really? I would love to sit down with some members of this group and discuss their meaning of ‘human rights.’

    It would certainly be a lively debate.

    I would ask them if they have any idea what they are really doing – I would ask them if they understand the true nature of the ‘religion’ they so vigorously support.

  3. Commission for human rights, really. I would like to sit down with some of the members of this group and have have a discussion about human rights.

    It would certainly be a lively debate.

    I would ask them what is their definition of human rights – I would ask them if they if they have any idea what ‘human rights’ means to the group they so vigorously defend and support.

  4. Just disgusting.

    Thank you for continuing to uncover the TRUTH about this awful group.

    I vote YES on removing their “religious” status.

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