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Narconon: Dumping Penniless Drugs Addicts at Bus Stations

The shocking letter below was posted by RMYcroft at Tony Ortega’s Underground Bunker. The letter details a complaint investigation conducted by the State of Michigan’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

Essentially, a Narconon Center called Serenity Point Recovery dumped one of its “patients” at a bus station. This person had no money, no identification, and no means to get back home. The intake contract addicts sign at Serenity Point Recovery allows this Narconon-licensed “recovery” center to dump addicts at bus stations or homeless shelters under certain circumstances. Yet, drug addicts are not, by definition, mentally competent to either understand or sign contracts. Drug addicts need treatment because they are not thinking rationally and are making self-destructive life choices. Nevertheless, Serenity Point Recovery makes drugs addicts sign this reprehensible contract.

The letter below shows, once again, how the Church of Scientology and its related front groups use contracts to strip people of their rights. In this particular case, Serenity Point Recovery uses a contract to relieve itself of any legal or moral obligation to ensure the safe return home of any drug addict it expels from treatment.

This contract allows Serenity Point to literally dump a drug addict, a person who is not in a mentally competent condition, penniless into the street — and this after the addict’s family or an insurance company already has paid $30,000 – $40,000 for treatment. The question that needs to be asked of government regulators: Why doesn’t Serenity Point Recovery have a minimum legal obligation to set aside $500 for food and a bus ticket back home for an addict? That would be the humane thing to do to ensure a safe way for the addict to return home.

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  1. Does the facility drop off the unused money for the remainder of the program as well?

  2. Why is it, that with overwhelming evidence, and asking for documents, the cult always have lost, misplaced, or just don’t produce the documents. Those in charge of regulating these places, come off with, a kind of “OK, well, if you ever find the documents send them to us, but, be forewarned we will be will keeping an eye out for any complaints in the future.” And, in reality nothing is actually done.

  3. Oh, come now! Don’t be silly – of course the facility keeps the remainder of the $30-40K the patie-, whoops, I mean, “student” (probably their desperate family) has paid once they’ve left them destitute and essentially homeless at the Bus Station!

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