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Marty Rathbun’s 2012 Warning to OSA

Marty Rathbun’s 2012 warning to OSA staff. Filed here for forensic and dossier purposes. Rathbun alleges that David Miscavige is engaging in an ongoing criminal conspiracy. Enough said. Inferences can easily be drawn.

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  1. It seems Marty was thinking a bit more clear a few years ago. Sadly it seems he is back in bed with David & scientology. I’m sure he wishes this video didn’t exist. Come back to the ltruth & light mr. Rathbun.

  2. Holy smokes. An outstanding find, Jeffrey. Interesting on many levels. He’s incriminating DM beautifully, saying all the evidence is there at their fingertips and that DM is a criminal. And He’s offering OSA ethics protection and immunity for turning in the evidence, as if he’s in the position with that power. Today he’s at an opposite polarity. His reasons for all three are arcane.

  3. I don’t think he’s getting paid by Scientology, I just think Marty just doesn’t like Ortega, Rinder and Remini he is doing it a different way. Look at Gerry Armstrong he hasn’t been part of this anti Scientology movement. He is a very knowledgeable source. Also Debbie Cook is another who has a lot information. Most of the other ex Scientologist in the docs and the A&E show have been saying the same things for years. Disconnection, Sea org abuse David Miscavige is crazy and other crazy stuff. I don’t like what Marty is saying in his videos, but Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief is bad documentary very one sided. I have seen many way better anti Scientology documentaries. I also think Louis Theroux’s movie made Marty have a mental breakdown. No one has made any proof that Marty is back in the church and freedom mag hasn’t taken down any anti Marty videos. I don’t think Scientology will end any time soon, too much money and the people that are still in are very scared to get out.

  4. It’s going to blow WIDE OPEN and it won’t be “Marty’s Fault” Love it. No, we can’t predict every action that will happen and we don’t have to. He gets paid and the slurch’s dirty laundry gets aired publicly. I don’t believe a word Marty says in his videos and I don’t think he does either. Maybe I’m naive. But nobody in their right mind believes a word of his new videos. So WHO exactly is he doing them for? NOBODY but his payers.

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