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Regency Outdoor Advertising Gives In to Scientology Intimidation


As reported by Tony Ortega, Brian Kennedy, owner of Regency Outdoor Advertising has apparently capitulated to Scientology intimidation, this after Regency cancelled a contract for Phil and Willie Jones’ disconnection billboard.

Kennedy’s capitulation to the Scientology cult aside, the real issue is if the Church of Scientology engaged in violations of public policy by spending tax exempt dollars in a conspiracy designed to deprive the Jones’ of their civil rights, particularly Freedom of Speech.

The 1994 IRS publication Illegality and Public Policy Considerations cited the Church of Scientology when  discussing the IRS’ 1983 revocation of the tax exempt status of Bob Jones University:

The Church of Scientology is using its tax exempt status to conspire to thwart the Free Speech — and other civil rights — of those who expose its  inhumane practices.

The specific inhumane Scientology practices most criticized are Fair Game; Disconnection; the financial predation practiced by Scientology against its members; chronic and habitual lying; and the exploitation and brutality the Church inflicts upon its captive Sea Org members.

The Church has now twice succeeded in destroying the free speech of the Jones. This is a clear violation of public policy and needs to be reported to the IRS Exempt Organizations. Churches are not given tax exemption in order to engage in a systematic conspiracy to destroy the free speech of others.

Please send in a form 13909 to the IRS. Instructions and the form are here.  The offending entity is:

Church of Scientology International – EIN 59-2153393
6331 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 1100
Hollywood, CA 90028

The specific violation alleged is that the Church of Scientology International is spending tax-exempt monies in a conspiracy designed to deprive Phil and Willie Jones of their rights to free speech and freedom of expression.  The specific allegation should cite:

Title 18, U.S.C., Section 241
Conspiracy Against Rights

This statute makes it unlawful for two or more persons to conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person of any state, territory or district in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him/her by the Constitution or the laws of the United States, (or because of his/her having exercised the same).

Scientology policy mandates that its Office of Special Affairs spend tax exempt dollars to engage in a systematic conspiracy against the rights of persons by use of oppression, threats, and intimidation. Indeed, this is the very definition of Fair Game.

The Church of Scientology is a fascist-militarist cult. As such, it can only act to destroy the rights of others by use of various reprehensible, antisocial, covert, and violent methods. The Church is so vicious that it even legally cripples its own members.

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  1. hey J.! for Section 4 of the form, is there a specific name/title/date of persons involved in the freedom of speech violation we should use? is there a protocol i should be aware of so the IRS doesn’t mark my completed form as spam? thanks for your time, see you around the ol’ stompin’ grounds!

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