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Scientologists Are Not Jews in the Holocaust and Yet They Pretend to Be


Led by violent narcissist David Miscavige, the psycho-terrorist organization known as the Church of Scientology has spent the past month hysterically attacking, defaming, and lashing out at everyone involved in HBO’s documentary Going Clear. Millions of tax exempt dollars were spent by Scientology to create and promote hate websites; purchase Google ads; pay for twitter campaigns; and finance Facebook attacks. There were also Scientology-paid PI’s seeking to intimidate people, threat letters sent out from Scientology’s attorneys, and other forms of Scientology intimidation.

Having failed to stop Going Clear, the cosmically insane Church of Scientology is now taking its usual fallback position: It is screaming that Scientologists are exactly like the Jews in the Holocaust. This is an outrageous and highly offensive propaganda card Scientology has played for decades. Scientologist Bodhi Elfman tweeted this obscenity today:

Bodhi Elfman might ask his fellow Scientologist Louis Farrakhan about this:

Bodhi Elfman

Notice the pattern: When Scientology’s vicious Fair Game fails, it hypocritically plays the Holocaust card and acts like a victim. This is an outrage because Scientology secretly considers itself the Master Race. In 1979, several Scientologists dressed up in Nazi uniforms to protest after the Clearwater Sun newspaper wrote a critical piece on Scientology.

Making this Scientology farce even more bizarre is the fact that the Church of Scientology and the anti-Semitic Nation of Islam essentially merged in 2012.

Bodhi Elfman is a wealthy man living a life of luxury in an upscale Los Angeles neighborhood. Elfman should publicly apologize for comparing himself and the multibillion dollar Church of Scientology, its lavish and marble-laden Ideal Orgs, and $360,000+ Bridge to the Jews in Holocaust.

The Church of Scientology and Bodhi Elfman are not Jews locked up in a Nazi concentration camp and never were.

This is the Holocaust:

These are affluent public Scientologists  in 2015 indulging in every possible luxury at Flag:

Scientologist Jim Mathers posing in front of a model of the L. Ron Hubbard Hall the Church is wants to build in Clearwater at a price in excess of $100,000,000:

No one is stopping the Church of Scientology from doing anything. What is happening, however, is that the lies, greed, inherent violence, and the inhumanity of the Church of Scientology are being exposed. Scientologists can’t confront or handle this reality because it would mean admitting that they have been lied to and conned by their own Church.

Affluent public Scientologists like Bodhi Elfman are viewed as deluded Cult members for a reason: While they live in luxury, spend millions of dollars getting audited, and receive trophies and applause for donating money to the IAS, they want to drape themselves in the Holocaust when their Church is called out for its atrocious conduct.

If Bodhi Elfman truly cared about human suffering he could begin by cleaning up his own house and calling for an end to the brutal slave-like conditions inside of Scientology’s Sea Org. How can Elfman live in luxury when Sea Org members live lives of grinding poverty and are virtual prisoners of Scientology? Elfman should denounce RPF, Fair Game, Disconnection, and the financial rape of Scientologists by the Church. Elfman needs to take responsibility for these matters and quit pretending he is a victim.

The IRS needs to revoke Scientology’s tax exempt status. Scientology is a business and not a religion.

Bodhi Elfman needs to pull his head out of the sand.

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  1. This has happened time and again. The cult-scientology constantly uses the Jewish religion as a comparison. I am very, very offended.. I belief the Wiesenthal Foundation & the JDF should be notified.

  2. How long is it going to take for idiots like Bodhi to realize that the Nazi in this drama is none other than his sociopathic hero, David Miscavige?

    Bodhi’s comments are beyond creepy.

  3. Very good Jeffrey. I have two corrections, however, that is Jim Mathers (not Jim Meskimen) in front of the mock up of L Ron Hubbard Hall and Bodhi Elfman needs to pull his head out of his ass (not the sand).

  4. They show their real colours by persecuting a survivor of the Holocaust – Paulette Cooper. So what does that make them then….?!

  5. Powerfully stated. Elfman’s tweet is an affront to every rational and decent minded person. As I posted on Facebook, the demise of the church is inherent in his ludicrous, illogical and mean-spirited comment.

  6. I responded to this type of hogwash earlier today. Somebody need to tell this Elfman guy the Nazi’s persecution was primarily based on RACE not religion. There were millions of Jews killed that never stepped one foot in a synagogue their entire life. The arrogance and stupidity these people spout out is appalling and to compare yourself with the murder of 6 million Jews goes above and beyond what I’ll accept from scientologist. Do they actually research these things? One more thing Jeff, I would love for you to use your social media connections to help organize some sort of anonymous protest at the next Tom or Travolta premier. Let’s see how complicit these guys will be if they have to deal with 8,000 anonymous protesters in front of the movie theatre.

  7. The deeply religious and shamefully persecuted Scientologists also dressed up as Nazi’s during a visit by German Chancellor Helmut Kohl to Australia in July 1997 apparently unaware how offensive such a simulacrum was.

    I wonder if the Church gets a discount for multiple uniform hire?


  8. Unfortunately the Los Angeles chapter of the Wiesenthal Center head Rabbi Marvin Hier might not care too much since he gave Tom Cruise it’s 2011 Humanitarian Award!

    I hope Rabbi Hier (who was warned but ignored everyone) realizes his foolish mistake and is praying for forgiveness.

    Also everyone forgets that Scientology in the ’70s heavily fair gamed Paulette Cooper (a Holocaust survivor!!) by trying to frame her & try to get her to commit suicide for writing the first anti scientology book. If the FBI hadn’t raided the offices of scientology then (for scientology’s attempt to purge bad records of itself in government files; Operation Snow White) they would have never found the proof that Cooper was being framed.

  9. Also where scientology’s psychiatry an industry of death museum seems to not blame the nazis for the Holocaust but the leading psychiatrist & psychologists for it, who for the most part were Jewish! These people have had their conscience scrubbed right out of them by scientology cult brainwashing (they call training)

  10. When the Wiesenthal Center honored Tom Cruise I wrote to them to chastise their choice. Never heard from them. They are good though, and I did forward this to them & the ADL.
    I am so happy that my fellow fighters for truth are just as angered regarding this disgraceful comparison. Thank you all.

  11. One thing this Bodhi issue raises is how little Scnists know about their church and its history. Members are not encouraged to know anything outside the sanitized, pre-packaged fairy tale the church passes off as it’s history.

    I was always fascinated by church history and sought out numerous sources and references. My peers did not share this interest and knew next to nothing of the church’s real history. It always amazed me how supposedly intelligent individuals could vigorously support a group, while being ignorant of its history.

    This behaviour aligns with a narcissistic mindset, which Scn tends to foster. When you are the most important thing, who cares about the group or what it does?

  12. The Wiesenthal Center has fought against injustice! That is why this act on their part was so disturbing. But it is a very good charity and has been educational to any who care to learn from the past.

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