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Scientology Cult Leader David Miscavige Seeks to Hide His Lies About the Death of Founder L. Ron Hubbard

LRHIt certainly appears that Captain David Miscavige and his inner circle entered into a conspiracy to publicly lie to Scientologists about the facts surrounding the death of L. Ron Hubbard.

This blog made a detailed post concerning the Church of Scientology’s lies to its members about the death of Mr. Hubbard. This post included the Sheriff-Coroner’s report and described details of Hubbard’s death. Hubbard did not “causitively drop the body” as Church officials claimed. Rather, Hubbard was in poor health and had a series of strokes that killed him. End of story.

The report also included the fact that Hubbard had been treated with the psychiatric drug Vistaril in the days before his death.

In support of our claims, we posted a link to a YT video of the LRH Death event held by the Church at the Hollywood Palladium on January 27, 1986.

This video had been widely available online for ten years and the Church has never done anything to take it down.

CDM.2Now, however, the Church had its Bridge Publications arm file a copyright complaint and had the video of the LRH Death event taken down.

We take this copyright complaint to mean that David Miscavige knew he had been caught — at a very inconvenient time given the HBO documentary —  participating in a past conspiracy to tell outright lies about the death of L. Ron Hubbard. True to form, Miscavige has acted to conceal the evidence of his lie.

L. Ron Hubbard did not discard a healthy body as attorney Cooley claimed. Moreover, Pat Broeker — who was assumed to have been placed in charge of the Church along with his wife Annie — was on stage making claims about future OT Levels.

The Church even issued “The Sea Org & The Future” Flag Order 3879 which placed Pat and Annie Broeker in charge of everything (see below). However, David Miscavige quickly eliminated Pat Broeker as an opponent and then claimed to all Scientologists that the “Loyal Officers”issue was a fraud. And yet, incredibly, if the Loyal Officers issue was a Broeker fraud how is anyone to believe the OTIX – OTXV levels shown on the Church’s “Bridge” are not also Broeker frauds?

If Miscavige seriously plans on releasing OTIX and OTX then the question of Pat Broeker and fraud arises. Add to this the fact that Captain Miscavige spent $12,000,000 Church dollars over twenty-five years to have two PI’s secretly follow Pat Broeker and there could be an interesting approach to matters here.

The Church of Scientology distributed this news article discussing the LRH Death event:


L. Ron Hubbard’s death certificate, autopsy results, and the San Luis Obispo Sheriff-Coroner’s report:

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  1. Captain David Miscavige is a better actor than Tom Cruise. What a scam.

  2. Glad I saved a copy of this event video now. Even though I was involved in Scientology off and on since 1990 I only became aware of this video about a year or so ago.

    I think Miscavige knows they’re circling the drain at this point.

  3. Another extremely well documented and powerful post.

    Captain Miscavige has been running a decades long conspiracy to defraud the public, making millions of dollars from his fraud, and it is time that he sees justice for what he has done to people.


  4. I wish I had been able to see this video much earlier (as well as the one where Hubbard is caught lying about the number of times he was married – apparently he went straight from his first wife to his third without having a second wife). I did “due diligence” when I first got involved but a lot of the best data that indicated deception was hidden and suppressed, and the accusations seemed over the top – until I learned better.

  5. Regarding “The Sea Org & The Future” Flag Order 3879, you should check with Steve Pfauth about that issue. He has additional information.

  6. the world has a lot of absolute “nutters” but these lunatics must surely take the cake. led by their, false war hero, and lunatic in general. the self appointed ” admiral” scientology is the perfect example of fruitcake fiction and ridiculous science fiction being combined by the chief nutter . He was a proven liar, and suitably he has been succeeded by a liar, and coward whose traits as a liar make him absolutely suitable to succeed Hubbard. on the subject of cruise, one must just feel sympathy for this “nutter in training” how he believes such bunkum is beyond imagination.

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