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IRS Documents Proving the $1.5 Billion in Scientology Assets Shown in HBO’s Going Clear

Going_Clear_PosterHere are PDF’s of the actual 990-T documents the Church of Scientology submitted to IRS. These forms irrefutably prove the $1,503,163,225.30 figure for the Church of Scientology shown in HBO’s Going Clear:

1. CSI: Church of Scientology International 2012 Book Value: $846,314,618

2. CST: Church of Spiritual Technology 2012 Book Value $447,192,921

3. FSO: Flag Service Organization Book Value 2012 Book Value $290,655,686

Total: $$1,503,163,225.30

Additional Scientology tax documents show another ~$150,000,000 in Scientology book value, thus bringing the Church of Scientology’s 2012 book value to $1.7 billion dollars.

4. COS WUS: Church of Scientology WUS Book Value 2012: $45,265,237

5. FSSO:  Flag Ship Service Organization Book Value 2012: $26,705,235

6. CCI: Celebrity Centre International 2012 Book Value $39,392,879

7: SBPI: Social Betterment Properties International 2008 Assets $39,573,456

8. Church of Scientology of San Diego 2013 Book Value $14,330,406

9. Narconon: Narconon 2012 990’s totaling ~$60,000,000

10. ABLE: Association For Better Living & Education Int’1 2012 receipts $7,767,910

In addition to the assets listed above — which include real estate and cash — there is thought to be $1.5 billion dollars in Scientology liquid cash in bank accounts owned or controlled by these corporations:

11. CSRT: Church of Scientology Religious Trust

13. US IAS Members Trust

14. COSRECI: Church of Scientology Religious Education College, Inc. (UK)

15. SIRT Scientology International Reserve Trust – may have been dissolved

16. SORT: Sea Org Reserves Trust

If you have any corrections or additions for this list, please post comments below or contact Jeffrey Augustine at

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  1. Jeffrey, fyi, No. 11 (ABLE) you said 2021 instead of 2012. Outstanding work. Unpeeling the Scientology onion is a tremendous public service.

  2. Thank you Shanester. Corrected 2021 to 2012. I appreciate your eye for detail and you reposting this. All of us working together will find more Church money, trusts, corporations, etc.

  3. Are all the separate orgs, such as SFO or Boston or Saint Hill included in the CSI figure? IIRC, each is a separate corp.

  4. Michael, it is all a franchise system.

    RTC licenses the Church of Scientology Int’l as the “Mother Church.” CSI is an administrative body and does not deliver any services of any kind. Rather, CSI provides admin services to the Orgs and collects weekly fees from the Orgs in exchange.

    CSI then pays RTC weekly fees.

    CSI sub-licenses, or franchises, the individual Orgs to operate and use the name and the Tech. These Orgs operate as legally separate corporations. The Orgs pay CSI a licensing fee and other fees each week.

    The legal prefix for most CSI-licensed Orgs is:

    The Church of Scientology of (fill in the name of the city).

    However, there are other franchisees delivering the so-called advanced services: AO’s, St. Hill’s, Flag, and the ship. These are all franchisees and separate corporations. Scientology’s logic is that its members can only sue individual corporations and not the whole corporation. This happened because Wollersheim was able to sue the whole corporation. Wollersheim also showed that Church of Scientology of California was the alter ego of LRH. Hence, creating the Scientology Spaghetti Maze became necessary for the Church to prevent a devastating Wollersheim lawsuit in the future.

    SFO, Boston, etc, are not included in the $1.7 billion total as is San Diego. I will check to see if these other cities filed 990-T’s.

    McDonald’s could be just as officious as Scientology and call their franchised fast food restaurants:

    * McDonald’s Restaurant of Grand Rapids

    * McDonald’s Restaurant of Lansing

    * McDonald’s Restaurant of East Miami

    * Advanced McDonald’s Restaurant of Los Angeles

    * American St. Hill McDonald’s Restaurant

    * Flag Restaurant McDonald’s

    * Motor Vessel McDonald’s


  5. Brilliant work Jeff – thanks for all you do. This is crucial information in more ways than one can imagine.

    Follow the money – there will you find the root of all evil.

  6. Wondering how much taxes they would owe if they lost their tax exempt status again.

  7. They do not report money held in trusts in Lichtenstein through the FBO Network!

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