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Explosive Rathbun Deposition in Garcia Case Exposes David Miscavige’s Control of the Church of Scientology

David Miscavige attorney Bert Deixler takes the deposition of former Church of Scientology executive Mark Rathbun.

The fireworks fly between Deixler and Rathbun. Posted on January 18, 2015 by Tony Ortega.


In related matters, Captain David Miscavige is using depositions in the Garcia case in a flanking attempt to impeach Alex Gibney’s sources for the HBO documentary.

Below: An interesting exchange between Michael Leonard Tilse and Panopea Abrupta on January 16, 2015 over at Tony Ortega’s blog discusses this matter. Captain Miscavige is trying for a twofer here: Impeach Gibney’s sources while impeaching witnesses in the Garcia case. As usual, Miscavige is too clever by half as he is opening the door to other legal problems arising from his actions.



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  1. Jeff, I have no knowledge of documentary film making but I’ve never heard of a documentary maker being obligated to disclose who paid for what, or how much was paid for anything (other than to his/her production company obviously) to the public. What the f**k is Karin Puow talking about??

  2. Oh my could this be another Miscavige foot bullet? He is so much smarter than the attys he hires. Well done David Miscavige. Don’t you abide by any judge’s ruleing. Asshat.

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