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How Scientology Inc. Legally Cripples Its Own Members: The Four Unconscionable Contracts


Using the deliberately misleading and deceptive term “Church of Scientology,” Scientology Inc. likes to blather on about “disseminating the tech” in order to tell people just how wonderful Scientology is.

However, the actual Scientology documents presented in this essay will prove that Scientology Inc. acts with malice aforethought to legally cripple anyone foolish enough to join this incredibly fascist and dangerous organization.

The internal tyranny Scientology Inc. uses against its own members is the story of a cult taking a sledgehammer to the legal rights of Scientologists at every step of their path up what is dishonestly called the Bridge to Total Freedom.

Scientology Inc.’s internal fascism begins with a legally crippling intake system that is employed against all of its members when they first join the organization. This process begins by having the Scientologist sign four specific legal waivers. Each of these documents inherently demonstrates bad faith and unclean hands. I say this because the blatant purpose of these “unconscionable contracts” is to completely strip Scientologists of their legal rights. The Church has all of the power and the individual has no power. Moreover, the terms are unconscionable, exploitative, and perhaps even criminal in nature inasmuch as they constitute a de facto corporate conspiracy to deliberately deprive Scientologists of their civil rights.

Below are links to PDF’s of the four contracts; jpegs are also provided to show excerpts from each contract:

1. Religious Services Enrollment Application, Agreement, and General Release  Summary: One gives up their rights to sue Scientology Inc. or to have a lawyer represent them in any dispute with Scientology Inc. One further surrenders their right to a refund of any donations they have made to Scientology Inc. One additionally surrender any rights to have their family, agents, conservators, or estate sue the Church on their behalf. Excerpt:


2. Agreement and General Assistance Regarding Spiritual Assistance. Summary: This is Scientology Inc.’s infamous Kidnap Contract that allows the Cult to kidnap any of its members and lock them up for an indefinite duration of time — and this without the kidnapped member having the benefit of any legal representation, legal hearing, medical evaluation, or medical intervention. All a Scientology Inc. “case supervisor” has to say is that a member has gone Type III. After this pronouncement, the member is bodily seized, locked up, and held against their will. This  happened to Lisa McPherson. Lisa became the victim of negligent homicide while being held captive in Scientology Inc.’s dangerous and quasi-felonious exercise in complete quackery known as the Introspection Rundown. Scientology Inc. might as well have locked her up in a James Arthur Ray sweat lodge and nailed the door shut. In the contract excerpt below, the Scientologist agrees to not sue the Church for any injuries or damage — and this release contemplates death — that might or could occur when one is being held as a religious prisoner in the Introspection Rundown. Excerpt:


3. Agreement Regarding Confidential Religious Files. Summary: In this particular contract, a Scientologist forever signs away all their rights to ever read, inspect, review, or own their preclear folders.  Although Scientologists pay the Church of Scientology hundreds of thousands dollars to go up the Bridge, no Scientologist may ever read, inspect, review, or own their preclear folders. The Church owns these folders forever, Moreover, when a member leaves the Church and speaks out, OSA culls the person’s preclears folders to look for dirt on that person in an attempt to shudder them into silence. This is so shabby and illegal and yet it happens. Excerpt: 


 4. Attestation of Religious Belief Regarding the Scientology Religious Film called Orientation. Summary: All new Church of Scientology members (raw meat) must sign this contract stating that they have seen the Orientation film. They must agree that they consider Scientology to be an actual religion. Excerpt:



Scientologist Anne Archer was very angry and indignant when she asked BBC journalist John Sweeney if he thought she looked brainwashed. I do not think Anne Archer is brainwashed. Rather, I think she is unaware of how legally handcuffed she is by Scientology Inc. Does Anne Archer understand that, on a legal basis, she is not now, nor has she ever been, a member of the Church of Scientology? The fact is that the “Church of Scientology” does not actually exist and never has. So what does that make Anne Archer? What is she fighting for?



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  1. As far as I recall, this trend started in the 60s when anyone coming to Saint Hill had to first waive any past or future claims they might have against LRH or the HASI and vow secrecy. Even in the early 70s at class 4 orgs, the application that a preclear or student signed, corresponding to document 1 here, was one page and not very unreasonable. Document 2 should be called the Lisa McPherson contract. 3 and 4 are also fantasies of Miscavige (and maybe Cartwright) – all four are nightmarish and at least slightly ridiculous in their wording.

  2. Just goes to show how nobody reads anything before they sign it anymore. Not even if it’s a dangerous cult!

  3. When did these contracts start getting used? I’m curious if I ever signed one – I haven’t done anything inside the cult in a long time, and I don’t recall these. But maybe I did sign them. If so, I would want to revoke them.

    If somebody has signed these ridiculous documents, how would he go about revoking them? They say “irrevocable” but I really doubt anything except maybe some sort of carefully constructed trust is truly irrevocable.

    Any ideas?

  4. David, Do you have a copy of that one page document I may have signed?

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