Church of Scientology – Four Legal Waivers that All New Scientologists Must Sign

The real secret behind the Church of Scientology is… waivers, fines, and threats.

In this post we cover waivers.

Church of Scientology Policy demands that every Sea Org member, staff member, and public member surrender all of their civil rights, legal rights, and every other right. This is inherently bad faith, unclean hands, and self dealing on the part of the Church.

This is a cult that needs to lose its 501(c)3 tax-exempt status. What other “group” makes its own members surrender all legal rights?




  1. You can not enter into a signed agreement to by pass the law. You can’t protect a person from the law by signing an agreement to allow the law to be broken. This is as silly as it gets. Murder is murder, the person killed can not free the killer from consequences. I can’t say this enough, the law is the law period.

  2. wtf is up with #4? What possible reason is there to sign a form aftr seeing the stupid and creepy Orientation film?

  3. the star of orientation left scientology so they no longer show it

    larry’s podcast
    [audio src="" /]

  4. Waiver is a term used in US law. There are similar concepts other legal systems but they are not all as favourable to a vendor of goods and services (such as the CofS) as the US system. In Australia for example, consumers have certain rights under the law and nothing a vendor publishes or gets the consumer to sign can diminish those rights. There has always been an element of bluff in the papers that students and pcs sign.

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