The Scientology Money Project

Scientology Ideal Org Fundraising Program — Instructions

How do you raise money for a Scientology Ideal Org? Church of Scientology Mark Arnold did a “hat write up” many years ago describing how he did it. This document was found online.



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  1. J, you’re breaking news and info at a rapid clip here, faster than I can comment! This stuff is fascinating. The days of deep dark secrets are rapidly disappearing…. Just wanted to add my sincere thanks and appreciation….

  2. Oh this is good… very good stuff indeed and a must-read!

    This part made me gag a bit: “It was a stroke of genius on his (COB’s) part to initiate this Ideal Org evolution of which these building cycles are a part.”

    Keep up the fine work Mr. Swift – you’re doing some excellent things here!

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