Church of Scientology Religious Trust

Church of Scientology Religious Trust 2023 Tax Bill: $485,908 USD

Photo of the CSRT Building from Douglas R. Clifford as shown in the Tampa Bay Times slideshow of Clearwater properties owned by the Church of Scientology

The Church of Scientology Religious Trust (CSRT) is a little-known Scientology slush fund. Because CSRT is not required to file IRS Form 990, no one except a few high level Scientology insiders know how much money CSRT has.

What we do know is that CSRT owes $485,908 in 2023 property taxes on its headquarters building which is appraised at $25 million dollars. Scroll down to read the detailed PDF. Here is the short version:

L. Ron Hubbard absolutely hated paying taxes of any type, except for those on his cigarettes and booze. We are certain that if Dr. Hubbard were alive today he would ragequit the US and relocate Flag Land Base to Jeffrey Epstein’s private island.

Dr. Hubbard’s shoeshine boy David Miscavige would accompany him there or anywhere.

CSRT is the Scientology Wealth Extraction Scheme that raised money for the Flag Building and is now raising money for the L. Ron Hubbard Hall.

CSRT’s main fundraiser is Laurie Webster. Below we see one of her begging letters asking for money to build the most urgently needed building in the entire universe and that is L. Ron Hubbard Hall. Given Scientology’s urgency to build this edifice, we must assume it is the secret spacetime portal in which Dr. Hubbard will return here to Target 1 a/k/a Teegeeack a/k/a Earth:

Below we see an architectural rendering of L. Ron Hubbard Hall. The rendering features a large gleaming sphere outside in the garden. This sphere may be the homing beacon for Dr. Hubbard’s 1955 Model 9 flying saucer:

The Tax Bill: 

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