Scientology Celebrity Centre Los Angeles

October 21, 2023: Protest at the Scientology Celebrity Centre in Los Angeles

We will be at this protest along with everyone else. Please support this effort by being there to protest the Church of Scientology’s destruction of persons; its evil in covering up rapes and the sexual abuse of children; its continuing violence of Fair Game; and the utter inhumanity and greed of this Cult which exploits anything and everyone it can exploit.

Tom Cruise will not be there to speak out for Scientology because he is a stupendous coward when it comes to associating himself with his own church. It is bad for his career.

Scientology Cult leader David Miscavige will also not be there because he is in hiding — and hiding is very low on the Tone Scale. 

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Follow the rules for this peaceful and nonviolent event: 

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