Bijou Philips Divorces Danny Masterson

Will Bijou Philips Leave Scientology Following Her Divorce from Danny Masterson?

Will Bijou Philips leave Scientology following her filing for divorce from Danny Masterson?

We predict that Bijou Philips will leave Scientology following her filing for divorce from Danny Masterson.

Bijou Philips’ membership in Scientology turned into a nightmare for her and the entire Masterson family.

What is left for Bijou and her daughter in Scientology?

Will Bijou’s close friends Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis urge Bijou to leave Scientology?

It was obvious to us watching Bijou at both trials that Billy Baldwin and his wife Chynna Philips are major sources of emotional support for her. Likewise, Bijou is also very close to Chris Wadhams who is a Scientologist.

Danny Masterson’s 30-years-to-life for crimes enabled by the Church of Scientology raises the question of what the entire Masterson family will do about Scientology.

Do the Masterson’s stay in Scientology after the nightmare they have been put through by Danny Masterson, Julian Swartz, OSA, and David Miscavige?

Do some, or all, of the Masterson family cut ties with Scientology? Danny’s mother Carol is a true believer but look at what it has cost her.  There were a few early hearings on motions where Danny Masterson appeared and only his mother was there with him.

How do you stay in a the elitist and status-focused Scientology Cult when your family member has become an internationally notorious convicted serial rapist?

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  1. I’m not sure that I have heard this question being asked: Would “captain” dave even put up a fight to keep the masterson clan? Or may he even nudge them to go off on their own?

    He’s already had decades to drain them financially and use their celebrity. At this juncture, it’s not just danny’s earning capability that has been severely impacted. Nothing and no one named “masterson” is selling at this point. Or will appear on the cover of any cult magazine again any time soon. Nothing much left in the masterson wreckage to pick over.

    So is there enough left in it for the cult to continue to share the fallout with the mastersons? Either party has enough on the other to assure mutual destruction. But it would also appear that their interests may sharply diverge in the upcoming civil trials; especially when it comes to who is to take the blame for harassment campaigns and tampering with the criminal trial. So is time for every person/cult for themselves yet or will the unholy alliance hold?

  2. I predict it’s gonna be a “who can throw who under the bus” contest that might even rival the Great Grifter Hubbard hisself and his mentee COB RTC Capt’n Fleet Admiral David ‘Shell-ee-who’ Miscavige.

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