Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone SQUEALS Like a Stuck Pig: He Was Ordered Into Arbitration After His $750K Watch Was Stolen

Grant Cardone and his wife attended the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix in 2022. Cushman and Wakefield gifted the Cardones with complimentary >$50,000 tickets to the luxury box where other celebrities including Michael Jordan and David Beckham were in attendance.

When Grant and Elena were leaving the luxury box, a crowd formed and a distraction ensued. Thieves used the distraction to steal Cardone’s $755,00 Richard Mille wristwatch. Cardone sued the venue. However, the venue counterclaimed and forced Cardone into arbitration per the terms stated on the back of the ticket to the event. Teh bottom line: Scientologists like to force others into arbitration but scream like stuck pigs when they are forced into arbitration.

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  1. They stole the watch right off his wrist without him even noticing? Yeah, rriigghhtt. Stinks of a scam.

    Oh wait, he took the $755k watch off and put it on the arm of the chair/table/whatever and the thieves nicked it. More like he put it in his pocket, or his wifes purse, then proceeded to scream robbery.

    Believability factor – barely a 1.
    Bullshit con factor – 9.5.

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