Barbie Kicks Tom Cruise’s Ass at the Box Office

Barbie brought in a whopping $162,022,044 in its opening weekend in the US.

Scientology OT Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible 7 opened at $80 million during its five-day first week. However, after Barbie opened Mission Impossible had a massive 64% statcrash in its second week. From Movieweb:

According to new data, Mission Impossible 7 suffered the biggest second-weekend box office drop in franchise history.

The film saw an estimated 64% drop in gross from its domestic opening weekend after earning a meager $19.5 million domestically.

Mission Impossible 2, the current franchise record holder for a second-weekend drop, saw a 53.3% dip in box office revenue during its theatrical run in 2000.

This comes as both Barbie and Oppenheimer opened to great success in theaters, with Oppenheimer specifically pulling Mission Impossible off premium format screens (i.e. IMAX) because of an exhibitor agreement with director Christopher Nolan.

Mission Impossible 7 will still make a lot of money.

However, to see Barbie walk all over Mission Impossible at the box office makes a quite a statement in terms of what audiences want this summer.

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  1. As an animator who has worked for WB and Tom Cruise/Paramount on various movies I am just glad people are back in theaters no matter what the flick. But it is great to see glorified stuntman TC humbled by something new, different and clever. Mission Impossible was a show created by Lucille Ball/Desilu and he has done 7 of them and they are just realistic video games and interchangeable with nothing to say other than “Watch Tom Cruise.” Paramount is known as a cheap, unimaginative studio addicted to Desilu and Transformers. The rest of this year’s WB lineup is safe, corporate sequels so they deserve to be motivated by the success of something that does not have a “2” at the end of its title.

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