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Worst Scientology Documentary: “Over The Rainbow”

Aaron Smith-Levin and Jeffrey Augustine discuss the creation of the film “Over the Rainbow” and how its participants feel they were mislead by the film’s creator Jeff Peixoto. What the participants were told and what the final film presented were two different things. The participants conclude it all looks suspicious and makes the film the worst “documentary” ever on Scientology.

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  1. Worst Scientology documentary ever. I almost would rather watch a Scientology propaganda video. Lara FM’s awkwardly sliced disconnection call is glazed over like the director didn’t fully listen and realize the implications of what was happening. Equally as confusing is the intro when rape and trauma is validated as eventually positive experiences by a Harvard educator or educated person… I do feel badly for the participants who were obviously misled. In several reviews (ie appletv) director touts “gaining several subjects trust over a decade… “. This is my very first negative review. Usually if I have nothing nice to say…

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