Danny Masterson Rape Trial

Danny Masterson Fallout: David Miscavige Now in Crisis Management Mode; Orders 30 Minute Scientology Infomercials on Channel 9 in Los Angeles

Photo of our flat screen showing Scientology Paid Programming

In the aftermath of Danny Masterson’s criminal conviction on two counts of forcible rape, David Miscavige is in fullblown rage and panic.

Danny Masterson’s conviction on sex crime charges, crimes which were covered up by the Church of Scientology, is a global news story.

As a reaction, Scientology Dictator Miscavige has ordered 30 minute informercials of Scientology TV episodes on Channel 9 here in Los Angeles.

David Miscavige is an insanely vicious loser gripped in the disastrous aftermath of Danny Masterson’s criminal conviction.

David Miscavige is in fullblown crisis management mode as the Masterson criminal conviction on two rape charges has engulfed the Church of Scientology in a maelstrom of media coverage which exposed the Church’s attempts to Fair Game and silence Masterson’s victims.

Last week the violent cult dictator stopped his three-week long Scientology ad campaign on local Los Angeles television as we reported. Today he is counterflooding his sinking ship with 30 minute informercials on Channel 9.

As we write this, we are watching a Scientology episode on Bridge Publications and how it prints Scientology books and other materials.

Scientology purchased HP printing presses and this episode, which is quite unintentionally comical and inept, attempts to depict commercial printing as the most incredibly complex technical endeavor in the entire history of civilization — and a miracle of only which Bridge Publications can manage.

Typical bloviating Scientology nonsense.

This is 2023 and print is not a big deal. It is all about online digital streaming and things that can be read on phones, tablets, and computers.

We were in court last week and watched as a female Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff handcuffed the convicted rapist Danny Masterson in Judge Olmedo’s courtroom. Masterson is now incarcerated in the LA Men’s Central Jail as he awaits his sentencing which is expected to be 30 years to life.



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  1. The credibility of this blog could be enhanced with a better editor (typos? Really? Instant fail if you do that in journalism school), and fewer unattributed statements presented as facts. Try to accurately inform. Allow readers to decide.

  2. Love your articles! Jeffrey, perhaps you can write an article which the press is completely unaware of, namely the California’s Elderly Parole Program (which Masterson would qualify for).

  3. Floriginian, if you take a few minutes to peruse this blog, you will find lots of accurate factual data: court documents, forensic financial analyses, and pdf’s of government criminal indictments of scientologists and scientologist-owned companies, to name a few, that support any assertions or accusations proferred about the church of scientology and its leader and/or some of its more notoriously crimial members.
    If you disagree with specific points made in any of the articles, please present a factual rebuttal, with links to real-world data to support your assertions.
    I am speculating that OSA can’t find competent writers with a grasp of the basics of critical thinking and logical argument to post here…

  4. Floriginian: We are writing about Scientologist Danny Masterson being convicted of two violent rapes — and these are rapes that the Church of Scientology and its leader David Miscavige tried to cover up — and you are complaining about typos and your editorial opinion?


    We can always fix typos but we cannot fix stupid.

  5. Thank you Jeffrey, for all you do in keeping us informed!

  6. I hope they jacked up their rates. Knowing Miscavige is in full-blown panic makes me giddy.

  7. Floriginian:

    Why would blogs like this “allow readers to decide” for themselves? Scientology, most likely, has never honestly, ethically and morally allowed a new person to their “church” to decide for themselves whether or not they should tumble, head first, into the demonic rabbit hole that is scientology?

    Your comment is a generalization, a no-no in Scientology. And I think your written comment should be accepted much the way a scientology Ethics Officer would accept a Knowedge Report.

    What are the specifics you speak of? Come on now, a good KR needs Time, Place, Form and Event. Or would your comment be accepted as a Things That Shouldn’t Be report. Oh wait, I got it: your comment IS a thing that shouldn’t be.

  8. This is 2023 and print is not a big deal. It is all about online digital streaming and things that can be read on phones, tablets, and computers.

    Back in the 70’s the city of Minneapolis had separate evening and morning newspapers. My paper route covered the evening (six days a week) and Sunday morning papers. All the paperboys (including myself) were given a tour that included their printing plant.

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