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Scientology Posthumously Cleans L. Ron Hubbard’s Filthy Rotten Teeth

L. Ron Hubbard’s vile nicotine-and-tar-stained lower teeth can be clearly seen in an interview Scientology’s Founder granted an interviewer from Granada Television in 1967.

In the latest edition of Flag Land Base’s Source magazine, L. Ron Hubbard’s teeth have been posthumously cleaned to a glistening pearly white shine.

This is yet another Scientology lie: 

The above photoshopped image of L. Ron Hubbard was mailed out to tens of thousands of people by the Church of Scientology International. The magazine was sent by bulk mail permit and was sent whether or not the recipients wanted to receive the magazine.

We are posting the doctored LRH photo here and elsewhere under the Fair Use doctrine to show the public the premeditated and deliberate fraud in which the Church of Scientology has engaged in by altering an historical photograph of their Founder.

This doctored photo is evidentiary in nature and goes to a pattern of fraud. Specifically, people who are thinking about joining Scientology could be deceived by this photo which shows the Founder as having good dental hygiene. Conversely, if these same people saw the actual decayed and rotting teeth of the Founder they may have considerations, e.g. Hubbard specifically called for people to “preserve your teeth” in his The Way to Happiness booklet. Hubbard did not practice what he preached.

This hypocrisy on Hubbard’s part could influence people to not participate in an organization which lied to them by using a doctored photo as part of a fraudulent inducement to join.

The Church of Scientology International’s failure to disclose the doctored photo speaks to its continuing pattern of fraud and deception.

The 1967 Granada Television interview in which L. Ron Hubbard’s vile teeth can be seen:


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  1. When I was a Scientologist, the way I justified all the old unflattering photos, and all the unflattering nonsense that came out of Hubbard’s mouth, was that it just was his “case.”

    We all have our soul memories debilitating “cases” ourselves, and Hubbard had his too, is all.

    But that the good fight of Scientology, was that the quackery pseudo-therapy and exorcism of Scientology aimed to alleviate and supposedly fix our soul bad memories “cases” so making the world a better place.

    And hiding Hubbard’s flaws, that’s to be expected.

    Bigger, deeper, problematic, to me, is that the offering of Scientology, the quackery pseudo-therapy and exorcism, just might not be the ticket for bettering oneself at one’s core level.

    I’d recommend seekers of Scientology’s wisdom to just hit the internet, and listen up on a much more ancient subject, Buddhism.

    Years back some ex Scientologist recommended me check out the Dhammapada, and I think them. (Dhammapada is free on the internet, “Saying of the Buddha” and not just entry level sayings, but the deepest stuff of it too.)


    Hubbard’s flaws the hiding of them, by photographic playing around to make him appear more healthy and vibrant, it’s to be expected.

    What cannot be done, what Hubbard sort of crippled them from ever doing, is being clear and concise about “What Is Scientology” to even present Scientology.

    They aren’t allowed to discuss their secret five levels of exorcism (OT 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7).

    Hubbard crippled their even being able to discuss their soul memories pseudo-therapy simply either.

    They aren’t allowed to “improve” how they tell the public what they are doing.

    All they can do is fix up Hubbard’s flaws in photos.

    Ex’s of Scientology, up to this point in history, I find the best at describing Scientology simply.

  2. The Granada TV show “Shrinking World of L. Ron Hubbard” to me is the single best TV show on Hubbard.

    To try to give Hubbard some degree of more credit, the two books so far by Janis Grady Gillham where she was working for Hubbard during the time of that TV show, and stories by others who were there during that Hubbard interview, are vital context.

    Then also, Lawrence Wright’s “Going Clear….” book lays out the parallel events in Hubbard’s life that led up to that moment of that TV interview. Wright’s book and the documentary by Alex Gibney “Going Clear…” film, they pretty much give as much credit as can be given to Hubbard.

    But this all done, these three things a) Granada TV show, b) the book “Going Clear…” and c) Film documentary “Going Clear…” to me, have the tiny but significant flaw that the TV Granada narrator/reporter noted.

    He noted that Hubbard was incapable of simply defining and laying out “What Is Scientology?”

    In 1991ish, or so, Scientology came out with their “What Is Scientology” massive long book, to try to explain “What Is Scientology?” but that was an immediate doorstop replacement failure.

    “What Is Scientology?” still went unanswered.

    I’d all Scientology a soul memories alleviation pseudo-therapy and exorcism practise.

    And is it quackery? It seems more quackery than legit, since no scientific minded followers are today leaping into the public forum to extoll Hubbard’s Scientology.

    When I was on the RPF (prison thought reform camp) out at “Happy Valley” ranch in the late 1990s, it dawned on me just this point.

    Outside society’s smarter world educated people haven’t taken a shining to Scientology. Scientology doesn’t attract the smart scientific minded smartest of the smart.

    Common sense rebounds against Hubbard, and this Granada TV film is tops for letting the wide public view Hubbard, and let Hubbard speak for himself.

    Scientology is at best soul therapy/exorcism. If that sounds good to anyone, then skip going through the gauntlet of official Scientology’s long drawn out required excruciating and nasty backfiring (Hubbard wrote all the backfiring bits of official Scientology into it, so no one can blame really the followers all too much) steps.

    Better for someone to check the internet, eventually dig up Subject Volumes 3 and 4, and did up additionally the “OT Volume” and those three volumes have the processes of most of the Hubbard quackery pseudo-therapy and exorcism.

    One could do thought experimenting of their own, just dig up those three volumes, and “run” a smattering of the Hubbard quackery on oneself, to see what it would be like to do the Hubbard quackery and exorcism.

    I don’t recommend it, but that would doing Scientology’s “best” and highest stuff on oneself.

    Chuck Beatty
    ex Scientology staffer 75 to 03

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